pumps dealers in bangalore


pumps dealers in bangalore

Mieco is the world’s best pumps dealers in bangalore.We offer an assortment of mud / sewage pumps, chemical pumps, centrifugal pumps, hydraulic test pumps, triplex plunger pumps optional accessories, positive displacement screw pumps, food processing pumps, chemical processing pumps, hydraulic testing pumps, special customized pumps and other products. Mieco pumps are widely used in the industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint, construction and many more.

We at mieco actively participate with the customer from the very outset i.e. from the stage of assessing the requirement to supplying the products besides providing after sales service to ensure we minimize downtime. Hence, our customers treat us more as a key provider & not a mere vendor.Our strength is our unique ability to introduce , update & apply new concepts and product line to ensure we provide excellent technical service to our customers.  The numerous dealers award and customer references received from time to time stand as a testimony to our success.

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Manufacturer of stainless Steel Pumps in bangalore

Manufacturer of stainless Steel Pumps in bangalore
Mieco is the best Manufacturer of stainless Steel Pumps in Bangalore. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, innovative solutions and strong, decent technology, all of which has helped us to compete at an international level and garner the attention of quality-conscious clients across the world. We plan to make full use of our well-developed and highly inspired research and development (R&D) department. On a daily basis this team works to create pioneering technology, applications, processes and materials – and we are confident there is much more innovation and growth to come. Mieco India is a specialist in the manufacture of a broad range of submersible pumps and motors for a variety of applications. We are one among the leading pump exporters in India, something we put down to our commitment to quality customer service and our innovative vision of the future.

Pump Distributors in Bangalore

Pump Distributors in Bangalore
Technology and noble character contributes greatly for saving water, a precious resource to almost every living and even non-living things on earth. In today’s world, which is almost filled with concrete, we use plants to increase tendency and to collect rainwater for non-drinkable uses: toilet flushing, cleaning, washing machines, watering gardens etc. Miecoindia, one of the top pump distributors in Bangalore, has developed pumps that are ideal for tanks or wells that collect rainwater. Also we supply a range of various other pumps, all characterized by maximum reliability, high level technical solutions and excellent performance.

Pump distributors in Bangalore use best choice stainless steel for the shaft, motor and pump casing, while for stage casing and the impeller, we use an innovative plastic material(Noryl) with excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We ensure that the pumps have good priming capacity and great compactness and for safe starting with single-phase pumps, a control box with dedicated capacitor is incorporated. In our company, we are dedicated to study, develop, manufacture and to industrialize pumping systems. Outstanding efficiency, energy-saving motors and equipment for controlling and monitoring of system elements ensure high overall energy efficiency. We also have service centers and service staff for providing inspection, maintenance and repair services in and around Bangalore.

We can be your partner for the entire Pumps and Generators life cycle with an extensive product portfolio and spare parts solutions and customized service. With Pump distributors in Bangalore you can discover the world of fluid transport solutions made possible with the our pumps, valves and service offerings.We are the leaders in manufacturing pumps, motors and generators for domestic, agricultural and industrial needs. Miecoindia is a one stop store for a full range of pump products. So Mieco Pumps and Generators is a complete solution to all the pump and generator related issues and requirements in the industrial sector and a major producer of residential water well pumps

Pump Dealers in Bangalore

Pump Dealers in Bangalore
Pump Dealers in Bangalore: Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd is one of the best Pump Dealers in Bangalore. Our aim is to provide complete pumping solution with best quality & energy efficiency and to become a world’s largest exporter.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the water pumps that we supply across the India. Our customer care is second to none and we will work with you from start to finish. To improve energy efficiency, we are committed to provide green environment movement pumping system by offering quality based products continuously. We have combined experience of more than 35 years in the water pumping industry. MiecoIndia principal engineers have the expertise and experience to provide you the world’s best possible products and services for your requirements.

MiecoIndia is known for its seriousness and faithfulness. We do not neglect and skimp on the features you need to achieve superior performance. From hard-wearing silicon carbide seals to rigid mounted volutes and cast iron impellers, our pumps are designed to provide durability and unsurpassed performance in a variety of applications. You require a pump that’s going to be reliable at all times. And with Mieco Pumps and Generators, that’s exactly what you get. We have a well-recognized reputation for reliability. Our water pump motors are designed to keep on going, year after year in a global market. We are determined to provide high quality, reliable and affordable ground water pumping system for your housed, industries and farm.

Our range of water pump booster has been designed for providing boosted cold water to domestic, industrial and commercial buildings which require increased water pressure. The water booster units absorbs variable speed drives and that allow for a steady pressure against a variable flow. We offer considerable energy savings over the fixed speed systems as well as reduction in pressure fluctuations. We make sure that each unit is fully tested before it goes to the site as a result of which we supply just “plug & play” booster system. Whatever type of water pump you require; Our experts install the products and assist you to complete the job in highest standards. Looking for an Pump Dealers in Bangalore, You at the right place,  Mieco India helps for choosing pumps and generators for your applications.

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Pump Dealers in Bangalore

Pump Dealers in Bangalore
Mieco India is world best Pump Dealers in Bangalore. We are a pump supplier and pump manufacturers  in Bangalore. Offered products comprises of Cleaning Machines, DC Motors and Electric Motors. Metering and Dosing Pump is a reciprocating type positive displacement pump. This can be used at high viscosity and stickiness to transfer fluid from one place to another place. This gives an high degree of accuracy fluid and used in many commercial and industrial applications, where precise the volume of liquid that moved from one place to another place in a specified time.

Dosing Pumps

We provide a wide range of pumps and generators that includes plunger type, metallic diaphragm, single or double diaphragm type and single or multi cylinder type. These all provided with a common gear box. We also provide dosing pumps that find application in sugar solution, alum dosing, chlorine solution and waste water treatment.

Our designed products that meets with international quality standards. our concern is use a pump where fluid must be dosed into a medium with high level of accuracy. Dosing Pumps are a low volume pump so dosing pumps are used to inject additives and difficult to mix fluid in a pump. Dosing Pump are made from plastic, stainless steel, mounting holes or different accessories. Dosing pumps having a controller so, it can be easy to maintain and fluid flow can be easily monitored. Here at MiecoIndia you can find various variety of pumps that includes usual chemicals, corrosive, viscous, abrasive, radioactive etc.


Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd

#162, Sadar Patrappa[SP] Road, Bangalore- 560 002

Mobile: +91 98453 24047


Website: http://www.miecoindia.in/

Submersible Pump Price in India

Submersible Pump Price in India

Submersible Pump Price in India 

Low pressure of water or losing water pressure completely difficult to manage. From cooking and making dishes to taking a shower, not having a water disrupts our daily life. If water issues stem from the lack of or a faulty submersible pump, you may be in need of a submersible pumps. Day by day submersible pump price in India increasing in global market.

While choosing water pumps, you make sure that you’re choosing a high quality products. Most of the people decide to install submersible well pumps, this is because of the well is very deep or difficult to access water from the well. Submersible Well Pump is a great solutions for well based applications. Well-made submersible pumps not required maintenance and can last up to 15 years.

Here are some things to concentrate when purchasing right water pumps for your applications.

  • Sizing:  Submersible Well Pump installers checks the size of your well, gallons per minute that required for peak usage as well as other unique features and specifications to your well or home. In case you want to do math yourself, you will find more submersible water pump calculation tools online or else you can just trust the water pump company to do it for you.
  • Warranty: Don’t purchase lower quality water motor pump at low price without guarantees. Choosing high quality, reliable products that has a warranty protects your monthly investment. Mieco range of products are well qualified and more suitable you may want to consider these type of pumps for your application.
  • Service: When you installed submersible pump by a professional, you may get peace of mind and relaxation that the water pump motor has installed properly. In case of any emergency technician’s can respond quickly when you have a submersible well pumps in your home.
We at Mieco India pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. We want to make sure that, here you can get right submersible pump that can be running at its best. We are providing pumps and generators in Bangalore at affordable prices.

If you want to know Submersible Pump Price in India or need any kind of water pumps, contact Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd by calling +91 98453 24047/080-22239173 

How to Save Water at Workplace

water pump system

In our daily un-necessarily we are wasting lots of  water in workplace and  in home. Water can also be saved  with a little forethought and planning.

  • Use manufacturing water pump processes and equipment’s that are more efficient in the usage of water.
  • Check the water usage frequently and determine water requirements for each unit of production.
  • Reducing water pressure to the lowest practical level.
  • Make sure that hot water pipe runs as short as possible and cold water pipes are laid away from heated ares.
water pump
  • Check for overflowing tanks, worn tap washers, wasting water pump system and other defects in the water supplying system.
  • Collect, dilute and recycle rinsing water.
  • Pump cooling water to a condenser or heat exchanger for re-use.

If you looking for saving water pumps for your workplace, kindly contact us +91 98453 24047, Email: info@miecoindia.in. 

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