Generators in Bangalore

Generators in Bangalore

Generators in Bangalore

Mieco India is the leading generators in Bangalore with more than 45 years of experience in the generator industry in Bangalore and throughout India. Treatment with all types of generators and motor pumps since the beginning in 1970. Generators in Bangalore,All generators are independent in a climate-proof enclosure, equipped with an automatic start-up failure facility and have internal fuel tanks that provide a minimum of 8 hours of operation at full rated electric charge for periods not available. Our products are manufactured with superior grade material and practical techniques with great care by the professionals of our suppliers.

We supply full service, spare parts for all types of generators in the market, in generator dealers in Bangalore we offer the best electric generators, we are sure of the availability of the generator according to your needs and needs whatever you bring us Any brand or type Which can be our main mission is customer satisfaction is why we are the leaders In generators distributors In Bangalore, we also have a high customer retention rate for large scale industries and small scale industries as well. Generators in Bangalore have an advanced and extensive manufacturing unit that has all the necessary machines and tools that allows us to accelerate the production rate and improve the quality of the products. The team of professionals we have is highly qualified and the experience acts as a backbone for our organization with their creative efforts and thoughts. We customize our products according to customers’ requirement and deliver them within a stipulated period.

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Pump Dealers in Bangalore

Pump Dealers in Bangalore

Pump Dealers in Bangalore

MiecoIndia is known for its seriousness and fidelity. We do not neglect and skimp on the features you need to achieve superior performance. From rigid silicon carbide seals to rigid cast blades and cast iron impellers,our pumps are engineered to provide unsurpassed durability and performance in a variety of applications. You require a pump that is going to be reliable at all times. And with Mieco pumps that’s exactly what you get. We have a well-known reputation for reliability. Our water pump motors are designed to go forward, year after year in a global market. We are determined to provide a high quality, reliable and affordable groundwater pumping system for your home, industry and farms.

We have been able to meet the exact needs of our customers in an efficient manner. We have hired a group of professionals who have helped us manufacture the full range of products according to industry-approved standards. The entire product range is manufactured according to the standards and quality set by the industry to achieve the highest level of quality.

With the support of our well-qualified and experienced professionals, we have been able to be a leading manufacturer and pump dealers in Bangalore. On the other hand, our team works with total dedication and cooperation with each other, as well as with our respected clients to analyze their demands and needs adequately.

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Pumps in Bangalore


Pumps in Bangalore

Mieco India is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pumps in Bangalore.Pumps are available in different sizes including vacuum pumps,portable pumps,gear pumps,boiler feed pumps and so on. These pumps and generators are manufactured with construction material such as Teflon, PP,UHMWPE,SS etc,FRP coating if necessary.

Hydraulic Gear Pumps / Oil-Free Air Compressors:
Hydraulic gear pumps are very essential for the pumping of viscous liquids (up to 1,00,000 SSU) with pressure. These pumps are available in SS and CI construction materials with or without flange ends. These gear pumps can be used for pumping liquids with high temperature and is provided with the vapor coating arrangement. The most common type of pump is that of hydraulic fluid applications, this can only be used when liquids have inherent lubricating properties.

Chemical Processing Pumps & Food Processing Pumps:
We offer qualitative assortment of chemical pumps and food processing pumps in various construction materials such as Teflon, SS, PP, UHMWPE etc with FRP coating if required. Chemical Pumps can handle aggressive applications including grout. We can also offer high temperature pumps and vertical chemical pumps can be offered that can be used in various battery manufacturing industries.

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Process pumps manufacturers in Bangalore

Mieco, the leading suppliers of process pumps manufacturers in Bangalore deliver to you the widest range of process pumps.  The pumps have a excessive demand out there because of their specific and progressive design. The pumps have been constructed from the first-rate fine substances to provide an wonderful efficiency for the duration of its carrier existence. Furthermore the pump’s body has been constructed from the sort of material that stops the pump from getting corroded even beneath extreme stipulations. The range of fifty Hz pumps start from 100 mm.

A long carrier life the process pump is guaranteed and that too without any hassles. The pumps are extremely energy efficient which allows you to to avoid wasting without delay. Aside from being energy efficient, the pumps are fee efficient too, in comparison to the advantages derived from the pumps, but best until a point. All the pumps and motors are made from stainless steel which makes these pumps enormously long lasting and immune to corrosion. The pumps got corroded from the cold water being pumped by means of them which comprises chloride which is surely in charge for the corrosion of a steel due to its harsh nature.
The pumps come with bearings which can be water lubricated and are rectangular in form which lets the sand particles additionally to depart the pump that will have entered the pump along with water and the inlet strainer prevents all forms of particles from coming into the pump. The pump additionally has a discontinue ring that forestalls the pump in opposition to all types of damage that’s more likely to occur during transportation. These pumps are generally useful within the uncooked water supply, irrigation techniques, strain boosting, floor water decreasing and in industrial purposes.

Pump Manufacturers in Bangalore



                                                                              Pump Manufacturers


When you are looking for a reputable Pump Manufacturers in Bangalore we at Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd, specialise in pumps and generators, whether you are looking for a Pumps to the purpose of domestic,industries or for agricultural we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with a high quality products for your demands.

Mieco the leading pump manufacturers in Bangalore able to provide all types of pumps and generator which you really looking for with finest quality and Mieco assure you for complete satisfaction on products.

Electric Submersible Pumps:

These pumps area unit ideal for pumping waste and accessible in differing handling capacities from 35mm to 125mm. this kind of pumps is capable of pumping anyplace. vary from three ltrs/sec to four hundred ltrs/sec.


We offers various kinds of generators having an own set of options and advantages. Our offered generators are comes in each semi and full acoustic covered generators sets. The generators that we provide for top vary from 3KVA to one hundred KVA in a hundred and ten, 240 and 415 volts units

Being a number one organisation as a  Pump manufacturers in Bangalore to the customers Mieco Offers pumps  at assembled by taking optimum quality elements that are given by the trustworthy and reliable resources of the business.

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Pump Manufacturers in Bangalore


Mieco the leading Pump Manufacturers in Bangalore holds the  aptitude to fabricate altered items that suits the necessities of the clients. Our specialists examines the clients mechanical and liquid prerequisites to draft potential plan. At the point when the client is alright with the provisional plan and a gauge of cost included, last creation is started. Clients can likewise imply us with their details as far as material of development, components, control utilisation limit, and so on and we can produce the same inside stipulated time span. Operation, essential investigating to upkeep, we offer arrangement of significant worth added administrations to our clients.

The administrations of our specialists can be profited inside a short notice. We likewise encourage repairing of our made items. This support office is for the most extreme accommodation of clients. In the event that there is any kind of breaking down, for example, waste issue or halting of pump, we are adjusted to amend the issue at the most punctual.

With world class building incredible, we have possessed the capacity to record a surprising development all through. The dedication towards esteem creation for our clients and the conveyance of our dedication is the thing that impels us, as is clear from our gave workforce and the weight on Research and Development.Each item we produce experiences a progression of on-line execution testing.

MIECO, the best Pump Manufacturers in Bangalore provides adaptable assembling framework considers quick fulfilment of our client arrange necessities, autonomous of volume or item blend helping us to script our example of overcoming adversity. At MIECO , we accept immovably that our clients are an advantage that continually drives us to accomplish stratospheric statures.

Before definite dispatch, every single part in pump is altogether tried and gone through its entire running cycle. So as to guarantee the unwavering quality and execution, items are likewise tried as entire units. The stringent quality tests are embraced under the reconnaissance of specialists. From outlining to assembling, we plan our pump items to meet the universal quality models.

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Pump Distributors in Bangalore

Superior merchandise need progressive facilities, MIECO the leading Pump Distributors in Bangalore square measure among the foremost economical and fashionable within the world. We tend to perpetually update our plants and use the newest technology to make sure that our merchandise square measure the foremost reliable within the business. Our commitment to engineering and producing superiority is the same.
Mieco accommodates the foremost advanced technology obtainable. progressive, totally automatic machining centres give high-speed, high-quality machining of pump castings.
We have associate degree tough employees of engineers dedicated to the planning and construction of the foremost economical and Pump Manufacturers in Bangalore within the business. Our representatives square measure trained to assist you choose the right pumps and connected instrumentation for your specific application. they’re additionally obtainable to supply suggestions on maintaining your instrumentation for max performance. Ought to a drag occur, Mieco is obtainable to service and quick components supply for your pump.
Mieco pumps square measure made to handle the toughest jobs. Cast Iron, Bronze, stainless-steel,  and onerous Iron square measure obtainable to handle your corrosive and abrasive fluids. Mieco pumps square measure reception anyplace wherever responsibleness and easy service square measure essential.
                              That’s what Mieco makes the proper Pump Suppliers in Bangalore

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