Electric Motors Bangalore

Miecoindia is one of the best electric motors producing company in India.
     An electric motor is associate in changing electrical machine that converts electrical power into energy. The theory behind  the interaction of electric current and a magnetic field is to produce a mechanical force.
Most electric motors work with the interaction between  magnetic field of electric motor and winding currents  to create force in the motor.
Electric motors are used for producing linear force and to be distinguished  from the devices  like magnetic solenoids and loudspeakers that converts electricity into transducers.

High pressure pumps bangalore

A submersible pump is a device that contains a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. the entire machine is submerged at intervals the fluid. submersible pump is associate economical and reliable artificial-lift methodology for lifting moderate to high volumes of fluids from wellbores.The most advantage of this pump is that it prevents pump cavitation , a drag associated with a high elevation distinction between pump and conjointly the fluid surface. Submersible pumps exert force on fluid to the surface as opposition jet pumps having to tug fluids. Submersibles unit of measurement plenty of economical than jet pumps.

A submersible pump cable is also a specialised product to be used for a submersible pump throughout a deep well, or in equally rough conditions. Submersible pump environmentally esthetic as a result of solely the surface power management instrumentation and cable run from the controller to the wellsprings square measure visible.The controller is provided during a weatherproof, extrensic version or associate intrensic version for placement during a building or instrumentality.

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External Gear Pump in Bangalore

External Gear Pump in Bangalore
External Gear Pump in Bangalore

From over 40 years Mieco has factory-made external gear pumps that give the proper balance of power and value potency. That’s why Mieco is that the initial selection for gear pump applications in utility, forestry, mining, earth-moving, molding, primary metal, automotive manufacturing, entertainment, machine tools, fan drive systems in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Available in various different sizes, with very small specific displacement flow and a large range of flange and other designs. Our external gearpumps can be used in many various applications and industries.

We can assist you in creating advanced machinery that features stringent technical demands and exacting quality standards.

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generators dealers

generators dealers
Generators Dealers

                                                                Mieco is one among the leading generator dealers in Bangalore. With more than four decades experience in power generation sector we serve various clients in different fields. We manufacture different types of generators with quality features and power capacities.

                                           We follow the necessary Pollution Clearance procedures for a neat environment. Including both air and noise pollution are taken into consideration. Unmatched performance and low cost of operation are some of the features, which have made our products one of the favorite choices of the clients.

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