Centrifugal Pumps Suppliers in Bangalore

Centrifugal Pumps Suppliers in Bangalore
“Mieco Pumps and Generators pvt Ltd”, We are a leading manufacturers of pumps and generators in Bangalore and providing the best quality of products. Now I am discussing about “Centrifugal pumps suppliers in Bangalore”. Before buying centrifugal pumps, first you have to get the information on what is centrifugal pump, how it works and applications of “Industrial centrifugal pumps” and different kinds of centrifugal pumps.

Centrifugal pumps: These pumps are like positive displacement pump having vanes that rotate in casing and moves the fluid around so it acquires high momentum to discharge from its extreme and into volute casing which surrounds the impeller and fluid is conducted to discharge the pipe.

There are three categories of centrifugal pumps, they are: mixed flow, axial flow and radial flow.

  • Axial flow centrifugal pumps: Action of impeller on liquid to increase the pressure.
  • Radial centrifugal pumps: Complete use of centrifugal force to increase pressure.
  • Mixed flow centrifugal pumps: Here using both centrifugal force as well as action of impeller on liquid to increase the pressure.

Centrifugal pump includes a rotating impeller inside of stationary casing.

  • Through the suction inlet, liquid enters the pump and passes through eye of impeller.
  • The speed of revolving impeller forces the liquid out over the discharge nozzle.
  • After that, the liquid enters into the centrifugal pump under normal pressureand flood into the eye of impeller.
  • And then since becauze the centrifugal force exerted on the liquid away from impeller eye and out along the impeller vanes to utmost tip where liquid is forced against the inside walls of the volute and out through discard of pump.
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Boiler Feed Pumps Applications

Boiler Feed Pumps is a specific type of water pumps which is used to pump feed water into a steam boiler. Boiler Feed Pump Water may be freshly supplied or returning condensate produced as a result of the condensation of the steam produced by the boiler. These type of pumps are normally having a high pressure units that takes suction from a condensate return system and it can be centrifugal pump type or positive displacement type.

Boiler Feed Pumps operation range in size up to many electric motor is usually seperated from the pump body by some form of mechanical coupling.  Large industrial condensate pumps can also serve as the feed water pumps. In order  to force the water into the boiler, the pump must generate sufficient pressure to overcome from steam pressure developed by the boiler. This is usually more effective and reliable through the use of centrifugal pump. Another way of feed water pumps  – run constantly, and that are provided with a minimum flow devices to stop over pressuring the pump on low flows. This minimum flow returns to the tank.

Types and Applications of Boiler Feed Pumps

1. Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Boiler Feed Pumps:  
  • These Pumps are suitable for liquid transfer water in washing systems
  • cooling and air-conditioning systems
  • water supply systems
  • industrial plants and boiler feeding systems
  • water treatment systems
  • fire fighting systems
2. Vertical Boiler Feed Pump:
  • Suitable for general water supply
  • fire-fighting systems
  • drinking water supply
  • pressure boosting
  • washing systems
  • boiler feed water
  • irrigation and heating
  • lubricants, fuels, solvents.

How to maintain efficient functioning water pumps

Water pumps are very crucial modern gift that has successfully offered a best solutions for the water pumps across the world. Energy Efficiency Water pumps can be designed as mechanical devices which are used for the displacement of the liquid from one location to another. Water Pumps units are capable of extensive functioning, owing to various technical issues. Let us discuss how to maintain efficient functioning of the water pumps.

Pumps and Generators are leading to energy wastage. When pumps are maintained to restore efficiency close to its original point and significant energy savings can be achieved. Typically, a pump can includes: replacement of wear rings, bearings, seals, cleaning of internals. Pumping is a major expense in farming and even in small savings achieved through pumps maintenance can be noticeable impact in reducing overall energy costs.

Make sure that the pump to drive placement is being done at the operating temperature.

  • The rotating parts of the pump needs to be dynamically balanced.
  • The pipe pressure should be eliminated at every cost.
  • It is imporatnt that you have to ensured that the piping reducers are not installed upside down. This will trap the air inside and ultimately will be entering the pump saturation.
  • It is important that the bearing oil is changed regularly.
  • It is crucial that the initial adjustment of the impeller should be done at operating temperature of the pump.
  • Avoid using hardened shafts.
  • Ensure that there is no entry of both the solids and water in the bearing case.
  • The pipe hangers should be overlap.

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A Buyer’s Guide on Pumps Bangalore

Need to buy pumps and generators? Check out our range of water transfer pumps, fire-fighting pumps, trash pumps and generators. So why there are so many pumps and generators to choose from? The fact is there are many different situations in which you might need high pressure pump water and each one pumps and generators comes with various different functionalities and challenges. Whether you are draining a pond or basement or you want to clean larger areas on a farm or from worksite, protect your home from worksite, each of our different water pumps is designed to make your task more easier.Water Pumps are used at homes, construction sites, on farms, emergency services and many more different applications.

What is Water Pumps?

Basically Water Pumps are designed to transfer large amounts of water from one place to another. As time going on some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers have designed extremely efficient, reliable and long durable pumps, so you can fulfill all your requirements and needs.

Mainly Portable Water Pumps includes:
  • Electric Powered Pumps
  • Petrol or Diesel Powered Pumps
Electric Powered Water Pumps: The is the most common water pump, used in indoor smaller requirements, small garden pumps and rain water tank pumps etc. Most of the pump switch can be plugged into your standard household switch with 12 volt power source. These pumps can be typically designed for smaller domestic tasks, it requires less powerful and less maintenance than petrol or diesel pumps.
Petrol or Diesel Powered Water Pumps: These type of pumps used in large properties, construction, in farming and mining used by professionals with the help of petrol or diesel powered. Petrol or Diesel powered pumps produce carbon monoxide emissions, so they can be widely used in outdoors and it is ideal for irrigation on farm or large properties. These pumps can act like your lawn mower; add fuel and oil, pull the recoil chord and then engine is ready to prime position for pumping.
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Induction Motors in Bangalore

Three phase induction phases

For many industrial applications, three phase induction motors are used and these motors are most popular in the market . For choosing this type of motors can have a number of reasons:

  • Non-complex construction – these don’t require permanent magnets, windings or brushes on the motor.
  • These run directly off of the electric distribution grid.
  • Low cost.
  • Rough and suitable for uncertain environment.
  • Due to not having brushes, they are long lasting and required less maintenance.

However, the main drawback of 3 phase induction motor is that they have small, load-dependant speed range. Do you know what causes is to be a drawback for induction motors?

Ns= (120*f)/p
Where ‘ns’ is the synchronous speed
‘f’ is the supply frequency
‘p’ is the number of motor poles.

The motor speed will slightly less than the synchronous speed and that will dependent on the motor load.

For example, for the given motor – if the number of poles is fixed , then the only way to change speed is to change the frequency of the power supply to the motor. This is because the electrical grids run at fixed frequency. Normally “induction motors run at a constant speed” with slight variation in the load changes.

There are so many methods have been developed for the speed control of AC induction motors but one of the most cost effective one is the ‘ open loop’, ‘v/f’ control.

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Power Supplies, Energy Efficiency and Emergency Generators

There are two basic methods of connecting an emergency power generators.
  • Via pre-wired transfer switch
  • Via extension cords
The transfer switch method can be used for both stationary as well as portable generators. Portable generators can be connected through manual transfer switch. The stationary home systems normally use an automatics transfer switch. It automatically insulate your house from grid and stars up the generator when it detects the power outage.

The transfer switch and wiring both required a licensed electrician and obviously more time consumption. If you caught off-guard by a blackout, then you can use portable genset with extension cords. Today, more than 3 million people in mid-atlatic are still without power after sudden storm, this storm gave impact of a hurricane without any warning. Extension cards can be used only for cord and plug appliances. Portable Generator will be connected with lights and hard-wired appliances not a simple. There are some methods of connecting hard-wired devices, but may require a professional help.

Here two things to remember:

  • Whenever you run generator, it must be insulated from the utility lines.
  • The generators can run on only putdoors with exhaust pipe which is located away from house.

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How can I choose pumps and generators ?

There are so many pumps and generators manufacturers and suppliers to choose from? How do I fix my mind to choose best pumps and generators at affordable prices.Mieco India is one of the best manufacturing and supplying company of pumps and generators in Bangalore. We assist you to choose the best pumps and generators for all your requirements and needs.

Buy pumps and generators in confidence that all our products are high quality and long durable. Selecting generators and pumps are endless, so before you can choose a pumps and generators we wish to consider the following:
1. What  size of pump and generator do I require?
All electronics and electrical products have a data plate information regarding their power usage. For most power tools and their listed wattage is all the power they require to run . All house hold items includes central heating pumps, TV’s, lights and Video recorders etc are comes under in the same category.

If you are unsure about power usage of a product has it is always advisable to contact the relevant manufacturers, suppliers and technical department, requesting the start up wattage and running wattage of your item. With this information you can able to determine accurately the size of pumps and generators you require.

2. Do I require a pumps and generatos that has a long run fuel tank?
Pumps and Generators that are available in either run or long run versions. A standard tank will last for 2-4 hours, but long run generators can run through out the night. If you are looking to purchase a pumps and generators back up then we will recommend a long run tank machine for all your needs.

3. What type of sockets do generators can use?
In India, Generators can use white 230V 15A Schuko sockets for long usage.

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