Pump Distributors in Bangalore

Pump Distributors in Bangalore
Technology and noble character contributes greatly for saving water, a precious resource to almost every living and even non-living things on earth. In today’s world, which is almost filled with concrete, we use plants to increase tendency and to collect rainwater for non-drinkable uses: toilet flushing, cleaning, washing machines, watering gardens etc. Miecoindia, one of the top pump distributors in Bangalore, has developed pumps that are ideal for tanks or wells that collect rainwater. Also we supply a range of various other pumps, all characterized by maximum reliability, high level technical solutions and excellent performance.

Pump distributors in Bangalore use best choice stainless steel for the shaft, motor and pump casing, while for stage casing and the impeller, we use an innovative plastic material(Noryl) with excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We ensure that the pumps have good priming capacity and great compactness and for safe starting with single-phase pumps, a control box with dedicated capacitor is incorporated. In our company, we are dedicated to study, develop, manufacture and to industrialize pumping systems. Outstanding efficiency, energy-saving motors and equipment for controlling and monitoring of system elements ensure high overall energy efficiency. We also have service centers and service staff for providing inspection, maintenance and repair services in and around Bangalore.

We can be your partner for the entire Pumps and Generators life cycle with an extensive product portfolio and spare parts solutions and customized service. With Pump distributors in Bangalore you can discover the world of fluid transport solutions made possible with the our pumps, valves and service offerings.We are the leaders in manufacturing pumps, motors and generators for domestic, agricultural and industrial needs. Miecoindia is a one stop store for a full range of pump products. So Mieco Pumps and Generators is a complete solution to all the pump and generator related issues and requirements in the industrial sector and a major producer of residential water well pumps


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