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Mieco provides new models of vacuum pumps. Vacuum pump is used to remove gas molecules from a sealed volume so that the partial vacuum can be separated. The first vacuum pump was preceded by the suction pump, which is associated with antiquity.
In the 17th century, the redesigned water pumps with improved versions with measurable vacuums are produced. Pumps are broadly categorized on the basis of three techniques.
Positivedisplacement pumps use a mechanism to increase the decay that allows gas to flow in from the chamber, insulate the cavity and exhaust it to the atmosphere.
Momentumtransfer pumps are also called molecular pumps which is used in high speed jets of heavy fluid and high speed rotating blades to knock gas molecules out of the chamber.
Positivedisplacement pumps are more effective for low vacuums. And momentum transfer pumps in conjunction with one or two positive displacement pumps are the most common configuration used to achieve high vacuums. 
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Boiler Feed Pumps in Bangalore


Boiler Feed Pumps

Mieco Pumps and Generators also provides Boiler feed water pumps. It is a pump which is used for feeding water into a steam boiler. These pumps contains high pressure units basically.

The main function of Boiler feed water pump is to produce plenty of pressure which is required to turbine inlet with some more pressure for boiler components and it is also used to develop consumption pressure in case of any critical boiler segments needed.

Boiler feedwater pumps observes water from deserter and feed in to the boiler drum via H.P heaters and economizer.

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Mieco Pumps and Generators


          Mieco Pumps and Generator is one of the best manufacturing products for domestic use in our day today life. you can get the items in reasonable price. In transport industry with electric motors and traction motors can operate in both generating and motoring modes to produce electrical energy from mechanical energy.
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