Testing Of An Electric Motor – List Of Expert Suggestions For You

Electric_motorelectric motor

Whether the usage area is, a crop field or an industrial plant or any other domestic need, the usage of an electric motor becomes obvious in present days and one has to pay the highest degree of attention over the proper maintenance of this electronic device. If an electric motor doesn’t work properly, the actual problem behind it can’t be figured out just by having a glance at it. In such circumstances, we generally rely on Ohm Meter in order to find out the exact troubling factor. Here, we mention some effective ways for the proper checking of an electric motor. 

Note:-  Disconnect the power supply to the electric motor before going to conduct the testing.

1. Examining the exterior factors of the motor

   Some notable happenings like Accumulation of dirt and other damaging things on motor windings, the existence of thick paint layer in the middle portion of the motor, Broken mounting holes or feet can easily ruin the lifespan of the motor. We should also carefully observe the nameplate on the electric motor. All the details like Manufacturer’s Name, Model and Serial Number, RPM, Voltage, Type, Frame Style, Current, Horsepower, Wiring Diagram should be included on the nameplate which acts as deciding factors regarding the usage of the electric motor for a specific task. 

2. Test The Bearings In Order To Reduce The Damage

    Bearing failures are the most frequent trouble factors of an electric motor. They are often called as “bell housings”  or “end bells”. Two categories of bearings are Brass Sleeve Bearings, and Steel Ball Bearings. The spinning mechanism of an electric motor can tell you about the existence of any problem in the motors. In order to check, first, place the motor on a solid surface and put one hand on the top of the motor. Later, spin or rotor the motor with another hand. Then, the quiet, free and even spinning of the rotor will indicate that the bearings are in right condition. Pushing and pulling of the shaft in and out of the frame can be a litmus test for the functionality of bearings. Under these circumstances, the running of bearings will generate loud sound and may overheat the bearings which altogether will lead to the catastrophic failure of the electric motor.

3. Thorough Checking Of Windings Is Required

     Electric motors with the short windings may not run properly and open the fuse and trip the circuit breaker instantly. We use Ohm Meter to check the resistance value of the electric motor. Under any circumstances of testing, an Ohm Meter should show the reading in the range of millions of ohms which indicates that windings are working as per the standards. A motor with high resistance value may not run with speed control. So, make sure that windings of the electric motor are not open or blown. 

4.  Dealing With The Other Kinds Of Potential Problems 

     The capacitors inside of the electric motors should be tested to recognize their resistance and performance levels. An Ohm Meter is enough to test the functionality of capacitors. Centrifugal switches of some motors can be tested with a screwdriver in order to find the existence of any dirt or other damaging factors around switches. The Fan Blades of TEFC kind of electric motors should be checked for the existence of dirt and other debris factors. Rear Metal Guard should have enough air openings for not to get heated up. 

Drip-Proof motors can be placed for the usage in wet conditions but should be avoided from the water contact under any circumstances. 

Open Motors are not suggestible for the usage in places which contain high dirt, dust, and water quantities. 

 TEFC Motors can be employed for any kind of above-mentioned purposes with the strict directions of not being submerged. 


Tips To Select Top Quality Centrifugal Pumps

centrifugal pump suppliers

Conversion of Rotational Kinetic Energy to the Hydrodynamic Energy is the primary working principle of Centrifugal Pumps. They are primarily employed for the transport of fluids and are a sub-class of Dynamic Axisymmetric Work-Absorbing TurboMachinery. A Centrifugal Pump consists of an Impeller, A Casing, and an assembly of mechanical subparts. In the more simple manner, we can say that Centrifugal Pump is a machine which uses rotation to impart velocity to fluid and converts velocity into flow motion of the liquid.

 Centrifugal Pumps provide advantages like steady delivery, ability to handle all kinds of fluids and can be placed horizontally or vertically. They are much adaptable to high-speed prime movers. They too have their own disadvantages like their relatively poor suction power. In order to overcome this bottleneck, the suction inlets and lines of most of the centrifugal pumps are usually placed below the force of gravity. Centrifugal Pumps also develop Cavitation which in turn forms the vapor pockets, bubbles in the fluid. This scenario at extreme levels can cause the corrosion of Impeller surfaces and sometimes pump casing too. 

Centrifugal Pumps are the preferable pump varieties and an integral part of the industrial sectors like Water Desalination Plants, Mining, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmaceutical sector, Diaries, Chemical and Process industries, etc. They also find extensive usage for the applications like Paints, Cellulose, Food and Beverage production, Hydrocarbons, Sugar refining and many more.

Below are some points to be noted before buying a Centrifugal Pumps for your hydronic applications.

1. Flexible Pumps with effectively designed Coupler Guards are the preferred options. 

2. The pump should have a true back-pullout design which allows the pump without moving the motor.

3. Solid-foot mounted volute pumps are the favorite as they can help you to maintain pump alignment in a perfect manner. 

4. Centrifugal Pumps should have Drop-out Spacer Coupling which gives us the scope for the removal of the bearing frame and rotational element without touching the electrical wirings and pump’s alignment.

5. We have to consider the specifications of Trolley and Gantry for Inline pumps.

6. Carefully observe the Double Suction Pump Pipe Orientation which can effectively curb the possibility of cavitation’s occurrence.

7. Look for a pump which is sound both in terms of hydraulic design considerations and mechanical design details too.

8. Accurate System Head Curve of the Centrifugal Pump is also another key concern.

9. Finally, the Centrifugal Pump Price should be economically affordable for all types of requirements.

Water Pump Motor

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High Pressure Pumps Bangalore
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High pressure hot water cleaners are ideal for the removal of contamination in manufacturing industries such as engineering components, mines, cleaning of railway manufacturing components, ship cleanings, ground engines and construction equipment. These types of pumps can be designed using the latest modern heavy duty technology. A clearly arranged control panel with indicator lamps makes the pump run smoothly, safely and ecologically.

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