Important Tips to Save Water

Save Water
Fresh water is a precious resource in India. We all need to do as much as we can to preserve it. In this article you can learn how and why water should be saved. How you can waste water at home and in the workplace. The potential that restored water has to improve the situation of our environment.

Why Saving a Water is so Important !

Water is a precious and more valuable resource around the world. But learning how to save water is not much task to us. It can be begin with teaching good habits to your children. If you think little about saving water, how easy we waste water in everyday activities.

Saving Water at your Home

The most obvious place to start saving water at your home. Below are some useful tips that will allow you to conserve fresh water by changing your daily habits slightly.
Save Water
  • Don’t rinse your hands, vegetables and clothes under a running tap. Instead of wasting water, do so in a bowl or sink.
  • While brushing teeth,soaping hands or shaving, turn off the tap.
  • Use short showers instead of baths.
  • If you do have a bath, use the water left over to wash the floor.
  • Water plants with the same water used for washing produce.
  • Fix the taps properly, instead of wasting water un-necessarily.
  • Wash your car with a bucket of water and use towel instead of a hose.
  • Avoid flushing unnecessarily.
  • Run your washing machine or dishwashers with a full load and if possible cut down the rinse cycle.
  • Teach your children that water is not for games.
  • Control the water flowing from the tap, don’t always turn it to the full.
  • Always use water for saving devices eg: water tap and washing machine, water efficient shower head and dual flush cistern for the toilet.
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How to Choose Good Quality Water Pump?

Water Pump is so important, when your car is running water pump maintains the proper temperature. It not only does it pump water and when it needed, it also pumps coolant into the engine. If your engine not kept at the proper temperature, the engine can suffer with major problems and irreversible damage.

If your water pump motor working properly is to keep an eye on the engine temperature. In case if you getting any high rankings, check for leaks where you park the car. Because it could be leaking, water coolant or a combination of both.

Important tips on Water Pumps:

You can replace with new part: This is not a part where you can repair or switch out with a used part. If there is leaking, then immediately buy a high quality new water pump so that it performs well and works regularly

Refer the owners manual: Now a days you can find wide range water pumps available on the market, So always it’s best to refer owner manual. Day by day the pumps vary in quality and pricing.

A Water Pump plays an very important role in maintaining the proper engine temperature in a vehicle. If water pump is damaged or leaking, it’s time to get it replaced. Mieco supplies top quality water pumps to your domestic, commercial or industrial applications.

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Submersible Pump Price in India

submersible pump price in India
A Submersible Pump is a device that contains grammatically sealed motor that to be closed to the Submersible Pump body. The entire machine is submerged at the intervals the fluid. Submersible Pumps is specially designed and associated with economical and reliable artificial lift methodology. The advantage of this type of pumps is, it prevents pump cavitation, a drag associated with a high elevation distinction between water pump and conjointly the fluid surface of the pump.

Mieco provides submersible pumps at affordable prices. These pumps are environmentally aesthetic, as a result of solely the surface of the power management instrumentation and cable that run from the controller to the well spring square measure visible. Mieco India gives worthy products at best prices!

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Tips for Safe Operation of Generators

Generators in Bangalore
Generators in Bangalore- A Generators can be a great backup when power goes out. Generators can be used safely. Taking the proper suggestions can help to protect you, your family and neighbors.

Choose a Right Generators:

  • Purchase a right size generators for your application.
  • Used to power essential appliances or equipment’s.

Generator Installation:

  • Generators can be installed by a electrician and that can be connected to your home’s wiring through a special transfer switch.
  • This protects and does not back feed into our electrical lines of utility line technicians.

Proper use of Generators:

  • Always run the generators far from the house as possible.
  • To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, keep your generators away from the windows, doors and vents.
  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home can help you to avoid toxic fumes.
  • Before operating the generator, turn off the main power.
  • Make sure that your children’s and pet’s away from the generators or not.
  • Before adding fuel, you check the generator is turned off.
  • Before the generator get shut down, check all the appliance and equipment’s that being powered by the generator should be turned off.
  •  While sleeping or when you are away from home, shut down the generator’s.

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Electric Motor’s Bangalore

Electric Motor's Bangalore
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We manufacture, develop and market heavy duty cast iron and aluminium motors in different frame sizes. Since 1970, Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd has acquired a reliable name in the sphere of providing solutions for many industrial and commercial applications. We serve the entire area of South Bangalore with experts including services.

Our aim is to provide you International Standard Products to help you make the best choice to serve your requirements and needs. In case of any emergency we will help you the best and provide excellent services before and after installing products when your emergency needs.

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Battery Back-up Sump Pump

Sump Pump are used to removes water from the collected basin called a sump. These pumps are commonly used in basements and other living areas within the home or business where flooding is common where if the basement sits below the water level.  Sump Pumps specially designed in basic levels.

  • Pedestal Sump Pump: This type of motor pump is mounted above the sump and allowing it to be serviced more easily and more distinct.
  • Submersible Sump Pumps: This type of sump pump mounted entirely in the sump. Specially designed with sealed to prevent users from suffering electric shock.
Sump Pumps almost used in the case of power failure such as during storms, it gives battery back-up powered to sump pumps. This is the reason when power goes out, the pump still works in the basement floods.

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