Boiler Feed Pumps and Hydraulic Testing Pumps

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Boiler Feed Pumps and Hydraulic Testing Pumps

Boiler Feed Pumps and Hydraulic Testing Pumps is a specific type of pump used to pump feed water inside a steam boiler. The water may be freshly supplied or returning condensate generated as a result of the condensation of the steam generated by the boiler. These boiler feed pumps & hydraulic testing pumps are normally high-pressure units that use suction from a condensate return system and can be of the centrifugal pump type.


Typical Element of Constructions is CI with Manganese Bronze Impellers or SS body with SS Impellers. They are done for multi purposes like boiler feed services, high-pressure testing, high head delivery, cooling service, handling chemicals, vapor/gas with liquids etc.


Hydraulic Testing Pumps are prepared either in Hand Operated type or motor-driven type. Hand Operated Pumps are available for testing pressure up to 1000 Kg/cm2, in both MS/SS Body with SS Check Valves. These are very strong and are extensively used for testing of pipelines, cylinders.


Mieco’s boiler feed pumps range offers several combination options in terms of the hydraulic design, which means these pumps can be suited to each individual application.Boiler feed pumps in thermal power plants are likely to normal wear and tear over a span of time, which leads to loss of pump efficiency and sometimes unexpected breakdowns resulting in substantial damages and extended shutdowns. Boiler feed pumps play a significant role in the size and heat rate of a power-generating unit.


We offer a wide variety of Hydraulic Oil Pumps and Industrial Rotary Gear Pumps. Obtained from the certain vendors, our proposed range is perfect in nature and excellently designed for our customers.



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Submersible pump price in India


Submersible pump price in India

Low pressure of water or losing water pressure completely hard to manage. From the change of state and making dishes to taking a shower, not having water disrupts our living. Day by day submersible pump demand in Asian country increasing in the international market.Most of the people consider to install submersible well pumps, this is often as a result of the well is very deep or difficult to obtain water from the well. Submersible Well Pump might be acceptable solutions for well essentially based applications. superior submersible pumps not required maintenance and would likely last up to fifteen years.

Here are some things to focus once buying for right water pumps for your utilization.

Submersible Well Pump installers check the size of your well, gallons per minute that required for peak usage in addition as different unique choices and specifications to your well or home. simply just in case, you would like to begin yourself, you may notice extra submersible pump calculation tools on-line as an option you will be able to hardly trust the pump company to undertake that for you.

Don’t purchase inferior quality water motor pump at low cost whereas not guarantees. choosing high quality, solid product that contains an assurance protects your monthly expense. Mieco range of product are well qualified and extra satisfactory you may like to place faith in these type of pumps for your application.Once you place in the submersible pump by an expert, you will get peace of mind and rest that the pump motor has the place in properly. simply just in case of any emergency specialist can respond quickly once you have got a submersible well pumps in your home.

We at Mieco pride ourselves on providing the leading effective consumer service. We might wish to type sure that, here you will be able to get the right submersible pump that will be working at its best.In case you are confused in buying Submersible Pumps then contact Mieco we have a tendency to are aiming to give solutions for your problems or come back to our work and choose your submersible pumps for your demands.

Best Chemical Pumps In Bangalore

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Best Chemical Pumps In Bangalore

Mieco chemical pumps are used to pump liquids from container 1 to container 2. The media may have a broad range of various chemical properties, so the pumps need separate functional principles. Mieco engineers work hard to make sure that liquid and pump are completely compatible. They propose every application with the same obvious standards of maximum attention and quality.

Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd offers a qualitative variety of Chemical Pumps in a variety of different designs. Chemical Pumps made from materials of constructions like PP, Teflon, UHMWPE, SS etc and also with FRP coating if required. Our chemical pumps can handle aggressive slurries and we can offer a pump for a means having a high temperature.

Vertical Chemical Pumps can be offered which has found its usage in battery manufacturing industries. Designate the proper amount of chemicals for your process every time with a chemical processing pumps.

Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Chemical Processing Pumps, Chemical Dosing Pumps,  and even Seal-less Magnetic Chemical Pumps from less than ¼ hp to customized industrial and business applications. Magnetic Chemical pumps require a very low change at a very small head and these pumps can be used in labs and many other industries.Mieco Pumps are widely used in laboratories and many other industries which require a low transfer at a very small head.



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Generators In Bangalore

Generator Dealers in Bangalore

Generators In Bangalore

MiecoIndia is the principal Generators dealers in Bangalore, we are having a wide variance of generators to choose from, both gasoline and diesel generators are available in MiecoIndia. Manageable and easy-to-use generators for all homes, industries, construction sites, farming, forestry, etc.We supply full service, spare parts for all types of generators on the demand, we at MiecoIndia offer the best generators, we are sure of the availability of the generator according to your requirements and needs our main mission is customer satisfaction that is why we are the leaders In generators dealers In Bangalore, we are also having a high customer retention rate for large scale enterprises and small-scale industries as well.

Every client is important to us, and you will get special attention. Mieco is the name you need to retrieve for all your generator needs in Bangalore. Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt.Ltd, Founded in 1970, became the leading generator company in Bangalore. We provide almost all types of Generators in Bangalore. And we have a huge selection of RV generators, commercial and portable generators, from the best names available in the market. Mieco Generators and Pumps Pvt Ltd have the comprehensive range of power commodities in the marketplace together with residential, commercial and industrial generators. A huge number of customers from commercial and residential sector depend on us, it is just because of the trust they have in our brand.

Mieco offers our customers peace of mind through all of your power generation needs and requirements. Mieco offers different types of power generators which will provide your home and business needs. For any kind of support, our team of specialists will assist you to choose the best generator from our store as per your requirements. Special guidelines from our experts will support you to follow the usage criteria. Opinions and suggestions are always welcome through email and through calls.

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Water pumps in Bangalore

water pumps In Bangalore

Water pumps in Bangalore

MiecoIndia is one of the best suppliers of water pumps in Bangalore, India. Water pumps include mechanical water pumps, electric water pumps, electric dosing pump, chemical processing pump, boiler feed pumps and so on.

Mechanical Water Pumps: Mechanical Water Pumps always go in the middle to cool an automotive engine. The coolant flow varies, with this in mind, the pump manufacturer has designed the pump impeller, so that it offers sufficient flow at an idle.

Engine-driven water pumps: They are very simple and reliable. When used in the rear-wheel drive vehicle, conventional water pumps provide the mounting point for a mechanically driven cooling fan. The longevity of mechanical and motorized water pumps depends on the proper keeping of the cooling system and maintaining it free from contamination.

Electric Water Pumps: Pumps are offered on the street with coolant flows from 20 GPM to 35 GPM. When used only to cool the engine, they have the ability to give a good performance. These pumps can only be used on exemplary rear-wheel drive vehicles and also require a complex wiring circuit board used to activate and de-activate the water pump within the times allowed. We offer a remote version or a block mounted version, used to supply water to the heater core.

If you have any questions about Water pumps in Bangalore don’t hesitate to reach out at MiecoIndia Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd for more information. 
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Generator Dealers in Bangalore

Generators dealers in Bangalore;

Generator Dealers in Bangalore

In India you can choose pumps and generators in Bangalore,Karnataka state, India.Mieco India is one of the leading Generators Dealers in Bangalore, offering a wide range of environmentally friendly noise generators, diesel generators and power generators ranging from 1 KVA to 2000 KVA. These types of generators are for all purposes, including Commercial, Industrial, IT Company, Residential, Hospitals, Apartments, Educational Institutions and any other event.

We are a captive energy solutions company that has more than 40 years of experience and experience in the field of electrical industry. We provide the end-to-end solution to our valued customers. Our services of operation and maintenance, guarantee that the plant obtain maximum productivity and reliability. Mieco India is an ISO certified company: 9001, was put in 1970 by its Chairman Mentor Late Shri. K.N.Goyal.

With years of professional experience and qualified human hand in pumps and generators, Mieco India has several customers in India and abroad who bought pumps and generators from the Bangalore unit.Our valued customers are from Bangalore, Kolar,Tumkur,Mysore and more in Karnataka, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore in Tamil nadu and almost covered in India.Generator Dealers in Bangalore always offer fully affordable,reliable,high-quality, easy-to-operate diesel generators and power generators for all your energy-related needs. We are professionally supported with your high quality products and have a full service center that will help you in any situation and our maintenance team will help you and give you a quick solution for all your needs.



We are happy to serve you where and when you need energy, for more information and additional help or clarification.


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