dosing pumps bangalore

dosing pumps in bangalore

Mieco is the top brand dealer in dosing pumps in bangalore. We are enhanced with enormous industry experience in the field of supplying and manufacturing a vast range of Dosing Pumps. The advantage of this design is the elimination of all packings and seals which are exposed to the liquid being pumped. This feature is highly useful when hazardous, toxic and destructive liquids are handled.Pumps for continuous flow are also designed and supplied by us as per requirements. Useful support attachment like pressure relief valves, NRVs, suction strainers, back pressure valves, pressure gauges, pulsation dampners, dissolving baskets, and high/low speed motorized agitators are also supplied by us.All dosing pumps come with storage tanks in HDPE/ FRP/ SS with fume / moisture sealing devices conforming to international safety norms. Mieco Dosing pumps offer high technology based and proven solutions to any dosing requirement.

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Metering pumps bangalore

metering pumps bangalore

Mieco is the leading brand in supplying metering pumps in bangalore.The metering pump is a positive displacement chemical dosing device with the ability to range capacity manually or automatically as process conditions require.Motorised Metering Pumps are available in plunger versions. These are compact, reliable and highly efficient. They are usable upto a quantity of 6000Vhr and also upto a back pressure of 320 bar.We constantly strive to achieve the best in terms of quality and modernization to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Metering pumps are generally used in applications where one or more of the following conditions exit:

1. Low flow rates in mL/hr or GPH are required

2. High system pressure exists

3. High accuracy feed rate is demanded

4. Dosing is controlled by computer, microprocessor, DCS, PLC, or flow proportioning

5. Hazardous, Corrosive or high temperature fluids are handled.

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Electric Motors Bangalore

Electric motor banaglore

Mieco provides the best electric motors service in bangalore.We respect and value our work which is shown in the products we have manufactured and designed .These electric motors are suitable for a variety of industrial, domestic, agricultural and other general principle applications. They are characterized by streamlined design, efficient cooling and noiseless running and they confirm to all national standards.

We always stick to our plans and deliver our manufactured motor products on-time and too world-wide.New ideas, imagination, curiousity along with superior efforts and hardwork bring results that create value for our customers.We strive to achieve our goals and fulfill our responsibilities. Every day we work on making with better quality. All products, processes and developments are driven by improving efficiency.

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pumps dealers in bangalore

pumps dealers in bangalore


Mieco is the world’s best pumps dealers in bangalore.We offer an assortment of mud / sewage pumps, chemical pumps, centrifugal pumps, hydraulic test pumps, triplex plunger pumps optional accessories, positive displacement screw pumps, food processing pumps, chemical processing pumps, hydraulic testing pumps, special customized pumps and other products. Mieco pumps are widely used in the industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint, construction and many more.

We at mieco actively participate with the customer from the very outset i.e. from the stage of assessing the requirement to supplying the products besides providing after sales service to ensure we minimize downtime. Hence, our customers treat us more as a key provider & not a mere vendor.Our strength is our unique ability to introduce , update & apply new concepts and product line to ensure we provide excellent technical service to our customers. The numerous dealers award and customer references received from time to time stand as a testimony to our success.

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generators dealers

generators dealers

Mieco generators are the top-class generators dealers in bangalore. Need a standby power back up device for your home!! Home Standby Generator dealers are factory trained to sell, install and service your investment. Purchasing from a dealer gives you the ease of a one-stop shop.We stock leading generator brands of the world and also have very comprehensive range of models of generators.The generators at Mieco generators can be used by the following industry verticals:

• Residential Backup Diesel Generator

• RV Diesel Generator

• Marine Diesel Generator

• Portable Diesel Generator

we have managed to position ourselves in this highly aggressive field by giving priority to quality and after sales service above everything else. Commitment to client satisfaction is achieved by pursuit of excellence in all aspects with communication , high technical skills and team work.

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Electric Motors Bangalore

electric motors in bangalore

looking for electric motors in bangalore. We offer specially designed products for Electric Motors and its parts.Electric motors are the driving force behind many equipment, and so have to be the most predictable as well as craggy, so that they may be applyed for continuous service applications. We are the famous manufactures of Electric Motors Bangalore Our aim is to provide a complete range of highly reliable motors. mieco motor stands for customized drives up to 500 W, top quality and a global. Electric motors by mieco are efficient, compact and robust. Every day at mieco is a new opportunity to coelectric motors in bangaloreoperate with the best minds in the country, to develop solutions that make difference to millions of people.our philosophy is to satisfy customers to the best of our ability by providing them with creative and competitive solutions. Electric Motors are widely used in computers and now there are probably two in your computer for starters, one rotating your hard drive around and another powering the cooling fan.

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Oil Free Air Compressors Pumps bangalore


free air
oil free air compressors pumps bangalore


Oil Free Air Compressors Pumps in bangalore are the heart of most of the medical and laboratory equipments.miecoindia is a world class manufacturer and vendor of all industrial Single stage and Multi stage reciprocating air compressors, Industrial rotary screw compressors, Dental and Medical oil free air compressors, Piston and Rotary vane type Vacuum pumps, Air Receivers, Scroll air Compressors, Air & water Cooled After Coolers. The mieco india has grown and is still developing and has well-established itself as a leader and is recognized and respected in the Compressor and Pump Industries of India. The vision of devoting towards achievement of self-sufficiency in the use of compressed air for industries in the country convinced the founding of Mieco.

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