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Some reasons why engineers select ArchimedeanScrew pumps instead of centrifugal pumps…..
  • It has simple design and open structure. Its slow rotation speed makes it a heavy duty pump with minimum wear.
  • It will pumps out raw water with heavy solids because of its open structure.
  • In the screw pumps when the incoming water level goes down then automatically it pumps less water.
  • There is no high skilled staff required which makes this type of suitable for remote locations
  • constant high efficiency with variable capacity
  • it can run even without water.
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Oil Free Air Compressors Pumps bangalore

Oil Free Air Compressors Pumps bangalore

Mieco india is a leading Oil Free Air Compressors Pumps Bangalore with a broad line of innovative and technologically superior compressed air systems.Mieco india offers a complete vary of compressed gas solutions from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors,oil-free reciprocating compressors,oil-lubricated and centrifugal compressors, to dryers, filters and accessories.

The vision of contributing towards achievement of self-sufficiency within the use of compressed gas for industries within the country prompted the founding of Mieco India. we’ve got extremely skilled engineers who is inspect each and every components strength and it’s dependableness and accuracy before manufacture any mechanical device.

Mieco india has always been inspired with its mission of achieving quality, cost-effectiveness and total customer delight. The continuing patronage of governmental organizations like Defense,

Our motto is: First we recognize what are the precise requirements of our clients and which is that the best models suitable to our clients that we advise our client so our each and each clients save them precious energy and money.

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Food Processing Pumps in bangalore

Food Processing Pumps in bangalore

Mieco india is the best dealer for Food processing Pumps in Bangalore with high performance instrumentation with well designed.

The low-shear design of our food pumps permits superior solids approach. This reduces wastage, minimises damage, and ends up in a best quality finished product.

Our accurate, sterile, low maintenance pumps are the industry’s most reliable solution for metering flavourings, colors or additives, handling abrasive and shear sensitive viscous fluids, and treating method effluent.

Miecoindia understands the challenges featured by food manufacturers. Your reputation and brand deem product integrity and consistency. Our vary of positive displacement pumps facilitate by:

  • Providing superior hygienical performance
  • Ensuring the standard of finished product
  • Reducing period and lower maintenance costs
  • Delivering the industry\’s most correct dosing and metering pumps

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Barrel Pumps in Bangalore

Mieco provides barrel pumps in Bangalore. Barrel pumps are portable so that we can carry it where ever we need. It is suitable for 200L or 220L or more than that of standard barrels. It has small size and light weight it is mainly used for the removal of diesel, engine oil, milk, vegetable oil, gasoline , alcohol, and other liquid transfer.
Mieco pumps and generators is one of the leading top manufacturer and supplier of barrel pumps with wide range of operating options. These barrel pumps are designed to provide fully secured and fast transfer of liquids.
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Peristaltic Pump Suppliers in Bangalore


Miecois one of the top most manufacturer and supplier of all types of variety of pumps in Bangalore. Peristaltic pumps are made up of certain non sticky material which is of supreme quality, that works as the removal of the corruption or decaying of fluids by tubing.
There are some criteria should be checked for before selecting a tube :
  • food grade quality
  • tube life
  • chemical resistance
  • physical compatibility
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