Follow 5 Reasons when your Motor is Overheating

Is your motors overheating?

Selecting the right motor can be challenging task for you? Find a Electric motors and DC Motors that matches your torque, speed and power requirements. There are many functions that you need to taken into consideration when selecting a motors that matches all your application requirements and needs. The list of below motor issues prevents your motor from overheating, saves your money on replacement motors and saves your time also. If you already facing a problem with this kind of issues, we hope this below guidlines helps you determine the problems.

In many factors motors cause issues, but here are five reasons that solves motor from overheating:

1. Is your Motors is too small for the Appliaction: It is very important to know that your motor is perfect size for the appliaction, sometime environment and duty cycle will be performing in. When motor is too small will not able to dissipate heat quickly, then the motor will overheat.

2. High Ambient Temperatures: If your motor is running in warmer environment than it was specially designed for and motor can be overheat because the high ambient temperatures will make more difficult to for the motor to cool down properly.

3. Running your Motor continuously: It is important to know that, run motors that are rated for intermittent duty applications within that range or below that duty cycle. If your motor is runs continuously, than the motor will still be warm and it will increasingly hotter for each cycle eventually overheating the motor. If motor run in its rated performance specification, than also it need time to cool down completely.

4. High or Low Voltage Supply:  Due to amp draw, power supply may be insufficient. The motor’s running current will be too high under load. Inproper voltage supply will make sure the motor work harder and could cause it to overheat.

5. Blocked Ventilation Holes: Ventilation holes on motor must be open to allow heat to escape. Check before and make sure nothing is blocking them.


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