Generators in Bangalore

Generators in Bangalore

Generators in Bangalore

Mieco India is the leading generators in Bangalore with more than 45 years of experience in the generator industry in Bangalore and throughout India. Treatment with all types of generators and motor pumps since the beginning in 1970. Generators in Bangalore,All generators are independent in a climate-proof enclosure, equipped with an automatic start-up failure facility and have internal fuel tanks that provide a minimum of 8 hours of operation at full rated electric charge for periods not available. Our products are manufactured with superior grade material and practical techniques with great care by the professionals of our suppliers.

We supply full service, spare parts for all types of generators in the market, in generator dealers in Bangalore we offer the best electric generators, we are sure of the availability of the generator according to your needs and needs whatever you bring us Any brand or type Which can be our main mission is customer satisfaction is why we are the leaders In generators distributors In Bangalore, we also have a high customer retention rate for large scale industries and small scale industries as well. Generators in Bangalore have an advanced and extensive manufacturing unit that has all the necessary machines and tools that allows us to accelerate the production rate and improve the quality of the products. The team of professionals we have is highly qualified and the experience acts as a backbone for our organization with their creative efforts and thoughts. We customize our products according to customers’ requirement and deliver them within a stipulated period.

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Pumps in Bangalore

pumps in bangalore

Pumps in Bangalore

MiecoIndia is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pumps in Bangalore. Pumps and generators are available in different sizes, including vacuum generators, portable generators, hydraulic gear pump, boiler feed pumps and so on. These pumps and generators are manufactured with construction material such as Teflon, PP, UHMWPE, SS etc, FRP liner if required.

In order to meet the increasingly complex requirements of the chemical process industry, Mieco offers an excellent individual solution for the host of its problems relating to the effective handling of highly corrosive liquids and pumping resistant services.

Made from superior quality material, these pumps are able to with high standling friction with minimum wear and tear. Keeping in mind the vital importance of non-leaking operations, the pumps are supplied together with the Teflon bellows-316 stainless steel mechanical seal with precisely finished sliding surface.


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Water pumps Dealers in Bangalore

water pump dealers in bangalore

Water pumps Dealers in Bangalore

Mieco is one of the largest Water pump dealers in Bangalore, where all types of pumps we have agricultural pumps as well. We are No. 1 Water pump Dealers in Bangalore. These pumps help to obtain water from rivers, wells, tanks and other reservoirs for the irrigation area. First we are going to know more about agricultural pumps and the best brand that offers agricultural water pumps

A proper agricultural water pump can only be chosen if you are well versed with the needs and requirements, the power that is actually needed and the volume of water that needs to be moved. Of late, we have supported the powerful upgrade in the field of technology, water pumps which is one of them. We have agriculture pumps available in various shapes and sizes; They are built in a way that offer a high performance and effective.

With a perspective to provide water pumps completely to the requests of our customers, we have expanded relentlessly, first with the expansion of the powder casting bite, which has been a critical part of our office generation for some Years, and later by the configuration to handle the high-precision machining of kicking the cube of cast aluminum parts.

Mieco India is one of the best manufacturers, Water pumps dealers in Bangalore

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Water Pump Motor

water pump motor

Water Pump Motor

The compact, lightweight and portable pumps of the Mieco series are an excellent choice for owners, gardeners, boat owners and recreational users.

Agricultural pumps in Bangalore

For general agricultural irrigation needs, popular Mieco pumps offer the best pumps at a good price. These models feature commercial-grade components such as silicon carbide seals, vibration dampers, and a fixed-mount cast-iron pump housing and impeller.

High pressure pumps Bangalore

High pressure pumps requiring high pressure, such as sprinklers and nozzles. These pumps are lightweight and compact, making them very portable. Possible applications include irrigation and fire fighting, as well as pumping long distances.

Chemical Processing Pumps in Bangalore

Mieco has been designed for pumping a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals, in addition to clear water applications Construction and industrial pumps

With a wide range of pump sizes and wattage For more information, including prices and product availability visit our site. We offer superior quality of domestic pumps under the Mieco brand in the market. We value our customers and offer a sophisticated line of products required for various domestic and industrial applications. In our company you can have different models of water pump motor that can be used for various domestic and industrial uses pumps are available at affordable prices. These to maintain the supply of drinking water in a number of residential buildings.


Mieco India is one of the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of water pump motor at affordable prices!

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Sewage Pumps in Bangalore

sewage pumps in bangalore

Sewage Pumps in Bangalore

Mieco pumps and generators in Bangalore are the leading manufacturers and distributors of sewage pumps in Bangalore, with a wide variety and selection of quality products to choose from offers from barrel pumps, sewage pumps, chemical pumps in Bangalore , India. Our wastewater pumps are used in pumping in thousands of applications. In the wastewater pumps, through the suction value in the intake stroke, a volume of liquid is introduced into the cylinder. It can be discharged under positive pressure through the outlet valves in the discharge stroke. Our range of products are vast.

There are three types of sewage pumps:

Small sewage pumps,basically used in domestic and small commercial applications, usually handle upto 55 millimeters (2.2 inches) of spherical solids and range from 0.75 to 2.2 kilowatts (1.01 to 2.95 horsepower).
Larger sewage pumps handle 65 millimeters (2.6 inches) and larger solids and typically have a minimum of 80 millimeters (3.1 inches) of discharge. They are generally used in municipal and industrial applications for pumping of waste water and all types of industrial waste water.
Submersible shock pumps, which are used to handle large concentrations of solids and / or solids more resistant than conventional sewage pumps can not handle. Chopper pumps are mainly used in municipal and industrial wastewater applications which provides a plug-free operation by macerating solids that could clog other types of submersible pumps.
Submersible pumps are normally used in a packaged pumping station where gravity drainage is not possible.
Vertical type sewage pumps have also been used for many years. They have the engine on the ground so that work on the engine can be done without going into the sewer shaft.

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Pumps Suppliers in Bangalore

pump suppliers in bangalore

Pumps Suppliers in Bangalore

We have been able to meet the exact needs of our customers in an efficient manner. We have hired a group of professionals who have helped us manufacture the full range of products according to industry approved standards. The entire range of products is manufactured according to the standards and quality set by the industry to achieve the highest level of quality.

With the support of our well-qualified and experienced professionals, we have been able to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of pumps in Bangalore. On the other hand, our team works with total dedication and cooperation with each other, as well as with our respected clients to analyze their demands and needs adequately.
Pump suppliers in Bangalore: Pumps and Generators from Mieco Pvt Ltd are one of the best pump distributors in Bangalore. Our goal is to provide a complete pumping solution with the best quality and energy efficiency and become the largest exporter in the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of the water pumps we supply throughout India. Our customer service is second to none and we will work with you from start to finish. To improve energy efficiency, we are committed to providing a green environmental movement pumping system by continually offering products based on quality. We have combined more than 35 years of experience in the water pumping industry. Mieco India’s top engineers have the experience to offer you the best products and services in the world for your needs.

Our range of water pump booster is designed to provide improved cold water to domestic, industrial and commercial buildings requiring increased water pressure. The water booster units absorb the variable speed drives and allow constant pressure against a variable flow rate. We offer considerable energy savings over fixed speed systems as well as reduce pressure fluctuations. We supply a plug & play reinforcement system. Any type of water pump you need; Our experts will install the products and help you complete the work to the highest standards. Looking for Pump suppliers in Bangalore, Mieco India helps to choose pumps and generators for your needs and applications.

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Generators Dealers in Bangalore


Generators Dealers in Bangalore

In India you can choose pumps and generators in Bangalore, Karnataka state, India.Mieco India is one of the leading generators dealers in Bangalore, offering a wide range of eco-friendly generators, diesel generators and power generators ranging from 1 KVA to 2000 KVA. These types of generators are for all purposes, including commercial, industrial, IT company, residential, hospitals, apartments, educational institutions and any other event.

We are a captive energy solutions company that has more than 40 years of experience and experience in the field of electrical industry. We provide the end-to-end solution to our valued customers. Our services of operation and maintenance, guarantee that the plant obtain maximum productivity and reliability. Mieco India is an ISO certified company: 9001, was put in 1970 by its Chairman Mentor Late Shri. K.N.Goyal.

With years of professional experience and qualified human hand in pumps and generators, Mieco India has several clients in India and abroad who bought pumps and generators from the Bangalore unit. Our valued customers are from Bangalore, Kolar, Tumkur, Mysore and more in Karnataka, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and almost covered in India. Generators dealers in Bangalore always offer fully affordable, reliable, high-quality and easy-to-operate diesel generators and power generators for all your energy-related needs. We are professionally supported with your high quality products and have a full service center that will help you in any situation and our maintenance team will help you and give you a quick solution for all your needs.

We are happy to serve you where and when you need energy, for more information and help or additional clarification.

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