Generators Dealers in Bangalore

Generators Dealers in Bangalore

Generators Dealers in Bangalore

MiecoIndia is the leading Generators Dealers in Bangalore, we are having a wide range of generators to choose from, both gasoline and diesel generators are available at MiecoIndia. portable and easy to use generators for all homes, businesses, construction, agriculture, forestry, etc.We offer full service, spare parts for all types of generators in the market.

Since its inception in 1970, Mieco has made rapid advances in the Indian genset industry to date.Mieco generators in Bangalore are the first choice of the specializations of telecommunications across India and around the world.Mieco has been awarded the prestigious quality award that recognizes companies that have successfully implemented Total Quality Management.Mieco diesel generators are also available in exclusive rooms throughout India.

Generators Dealers in Bangalore have an advanced and extensive manufacturing unit that has all the necessary machines and tools that allow us to accelerate the production rate and improve the quality of the products. The team of professionals we have is highly qualified and the experience acts as a backbone for our organization with their creative efforts and thoughts. We customize our products according to customers’ requirement and deliver them within a stipulated period.Mieco prides itself on having a reputation not only for excellent equipment at affordable prices but also for quality customer service. Every customer is important to us and you will get the individual attention. Mieco is the name you need to remember for all your generator needs in Bangalore; We are waiting to help what we can.

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Pumps Suppliers in Bangalore

pump suppliers in bangalore

Pumps Suppliers in Bangalore

We have been able to meet the exact needs of our customers in an efficient manner. We have hired a group of professionals who have helped us manufacture the full range of products according to industry approved standards. The entire range of products is manufactured according to the standards and quality set by the industry to achieve the highest level of quality.

With the support of our well-qualified and experienced professionals, we have been able to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of pumps in Bangalore. On the other hand, our team works with total dedication and cooperation with each other, as well as with our respected clients to analyze their demands and needs adequately.
Pump suppliers in Bangalore: Pumps and Generators from Mieco Pvt Ltd are one of the best pump distributors in Bangalore. Our goal is to provide a complete pumping solution with the best quality and energy efficiency and become the largest exporter in the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of the water pumps we supply throughout India. Our customer service is second to none and we will work with you from start to finish. To improve energy efficiency, we are committed to providing a green environmental movement pumping system by continually offering products based on quality. We have combined more than 35 years of experience in the water pumping industry. Mieco India’s top engineers have the experience to offer you the best products and services in the world for your needs.

Our range of water pump booster is designed to provide improved cold water to domestic, industrial and commercial buildings requiring increased water pressure. The water booster units absorb the variable speed drives and allow constant pressure against a variable flow rate. We offer considerable energy savings over fixed speed systems as well as reduce pressure fluctuations. We supply a plug & play reinforcement system. Any type of water pump you need; Our experts will install the products and help you complete the work to the highest standards. Looking for Pump suppliers in Bangalore, Mieco India helps to choose pumps and generators for your needs and applications.

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Generators Dealers in Bangalore

generators Dealers in bangalore

Generators Dealers in Bangalore

MiecoIndia is the leader of Generator Dealers in Bangalore, we are having a wide variety of generators to choose from, both gasoline and diesel generators are available in MiecoIndia.Generators portable and easy to use for all homes, businesses, construction sites, agriculture, forestry, etc.We supply complete service, spare parts for all types of generators in the market, in generators dealers in Bangalore we offer the best electric generators, We are sure of the availability of the generator according to your needs and needs whatever it is that we bring you whatever brand or type that can be our main mission is customer satisfaction is why we are the leaders In generators dealers In Bangalore, we also have a high customer retention rate for large scale industries and small scale industries as well. The generators dealers in Bangalore have an advanced and extensive manufacturing unit that has all the necessary machines and tools that enables us to speed up the production rate and improve the quality of the products. The team of professionals we have is highly qualified and experience acts as a backbone for our organization with their creative efforts and thoughts. We customize our products according to customers’ requirement and deliver them within a stipulated period.

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Water pump Motor


Water pump Motor

If you want the water pump motor to get rid of unwanted water floods, clean the ponds and puddles or stop the water in the foundations building, we have a water pump motor for you. We have a tendency to present a huge variety of submersible pumps,air mass, chemical and specialized contractors as well as emergency flood kits. Water pump Motor unit ideal for general use. Our first quality varies consists of 1 “, 2” and 3 “water pumps and area unit chosen by us for its exceptional quality, responsibility and value for the effective large selection of water pumps and generators at nice costs. We cater to rural areas Property owners running placental or growing a huge type of small harvests and fruits to hobby farmers, home gardeners and pet owners.

This is why ideas such as “quality”, “tailor made” and “versatility” unit area of thoughts as a huge part of our company culture.With our approach to problem solving we have a tendency to represent a firm purpose of reference for our clients.We act as a real engineering partner who provides not only a top quality product, however, great ideas and solutions to optimize production processes in various fields of application.With a wide variety of vacuum elements like suction cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, gas pump assemblies and a truly gifted equipment,we are able to deliver the most effective solutions to your wishes.


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Water Pump Motor


Mieco India is the leading distributor of water pump motors in Bangalore, which has 45 years of experience in the pump industry in Bangalore. If you are looking for affordable water pump motor, then you are on the right track, we offer all kinds of water pumps in our stock, There has been a serious shortage of water in recent times. This distracted state of poor strategies for water storage, on the other hand, how it secures and draws a deep level modern water pumps that things have done enough for less demanding ventures. Before you plan to buy a water pump, you can first determine what type of water pump engine you need for your application. When looking for manufacturers and distributors of the water pump first make sure to evaluate what type of pump the customer needs. Depending on the application, you can choose from the extensive collection of Mieco, buyers can directly visit the store or search online to find the exact pump that suits the application

With a wide range of pump sizes and wattage For more information, including pricing and product availability visit our site. We offer superior quality of domestic pumps under the Mieco brand in the market. We value our customers and offer a sophisticated line of products required for various domestic and industrial applications. In our company you can have different models of water pump motors that can be used for various domestic and industrial uses pumps are available at affordable prices. These to maintain the supply of drinking water in a number of residential buildings.

Mieco India is one of the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of water pump motor at affordable prices!

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Pump suppliers in Bangalore


Pump suppliers in Bangalore

Pumping water is a basic and practical technique, much more practical than taking it out with your hands or lifting it in a hand bucket. This is true if the water is drawn from a fresh source, moved to a required location, purified or used for irrigation, washing or treatment of wastewater, or to evacuate water from an unwanted location. Irrespective of the result, the energy needed to pump water is an extremely important component of water consumption. All other things depend on or benefit from either water flowing down from a higher elevation or from a pressurized pumbing system.

Miecobeing the No#1 Pump suppliers in Bangalore has a well-equipped infrastructure to handle the service, repair the replacement of any part and the assembly of several types of large pumps. Understanding the needs and requirements, Mieco strives to provide complete satisfaction to customers. In Mieco we understand the specific needs of our customers better than anyone else. Each product supplied by Mieco is carefully selected by studying the performance of the pumps. Our experience helps the customer select the pump suitable for the desired application in the most efficient and cost-effective way.Offer a range of items at a moderate cost, which add to the comfort of life by saving on physical work, time and vitality or for fun.

Mieco offers the highest level of quality assurance to customers. In Mieco, each part to the pump undergoes a rigorous examination in the varied stage of the manufacture and the results of the assembly in superior pumps. So the quality we can offer the best to enjoy, and more reliable pumps for your wishes.

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Boiler feed pumps manufacturers



Boiler feed pumps manufacturers

A boiler feed water pump is a specific type of pump used to pump feed water into a steam boiler. The water may be freshly supplied or the condensate produced as a result of the condensation of the steam produced by the boiler. These pumps are normally high pressure units that take suction from a condensate return system and can be of the centrifugal or positive displacement type of pump. Cooling water pumps vary in size up to many horsepower and the electric motor is often separated from the pump body by some form of mechanical coupling. Large industrial condensate pumps can also serve as a feed water pump. In any case, in order to force the water into the boiler, the pump must generate sufficient pressure to overcome the vapor pressure developed by the boiler. This is usually achieved by the use of a centrifugal pump.


Another common form of boiler feed water pumps operates constantly and is provided with a minimum flow device to stop pump overpressure at low flow rates. The minimum flow normally returns to the tank

Steam locomotives and steam engines used on ships and stationary applications, such as power plants, also require feed water pumps. In this situation, however, the pump was often fed with a small steam engine that operated with the steam produced by the boiler. Of course, a means had to be provided for putting the initial charge of water into the boiler (before steam power was available to run the steam-powered feed water pump). The pump was often a positive displacement pump that had valves and steam cylinders at one end and feed water cylinders at the other end; No crankshaft was required.

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