Centrifugal Pumps in Bangalore

Centrifugal Pumps in Bangalore
Growing urbanization and industrialization in developing countries and the increasing use of water pumps in industries are driving the demand for water pumps in the global marketplace.centrifugal pumps are one of the most important mechanical devices with application in various industries and homes.

there are three categories of centrifugal pumps, they are: mixed flow, axial flow and radial flow. in Axial flow centrifugal pumps Action of impeller on liquid to increase the pressure. and in Radial centrifugal pumps, Complete use of centrifugal force to increase pressure.and in the Mixed flow centrifugal pumps are using both centrifugal force as well as action of impeller on liquid to increase the pressure.

“Mieco Pumps and Generators pvt Ltd”, We are a leading manufacturers of Centrifugal Pumps in Bangalore and providing the best quality of products. Before buying centrifugal pumps, first you have to get the information on what is centrifugal pump, how it works and applications of “Industrial centrifugal pumps” and different kinds of centrifugal pumps.

These Centrifugal pumps are working like positive displacement pump having vanes that rotate in casing and moves the fluid around so it acquires high momentum to discharge from its extreme and into volute casing which surrounds the impeller and fluid is conducted to discharge the pipe. Mieco Provides the high quality Centrifugal Pumps in Bangalore.


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High Pressure pumps Bangalore

high pressure Pumps bangalore

High Pressure pumps Bangalore

High pressure water pumps are widely used for varieties of applications that require pressure cleaning, pressure testing and these equipments also require pressurized liquids. Mieco India offers high pressure pumps and other pumps and different generators that suits your needs. These pumps can be offered in cast aluminum, nickel plated brass heads with ceramic and SS plungers which gives them a very strong life as well as makes them very intelligent and safe to use.

Facts about the composition of high pressure hot and cold water cleaners:

High pressure hot water cleaners are ideal for the removal of contamination in manufacturing industries such as engineering components, mines, cleaning of railway manufacturing components, ship cleanings, ground engines and construction equipment. These types of pumps can be designed using the latest modern heavy duty technology. A clearly arranged control panel with indicator lamps makes the pump run smoothly, safely and ecologically.

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Best Generator dealers in Bangalore

Best generator dealers in Bangalore

Best Generator dealers in Bangalore


Generator Dealers in Bangalore, India- Mieco Pumps and Generators is one of the leading generator Dealers in Bangalore, India. We are the most authorized distributors and suppliers of all types of pumps and generators manufactured by leading companies like Ashok Leyland, Cummins and Kirloskar and much more. We also offer to provide equipment directly from the manufacturer and installed. Mieco pumps and generators are supported by one of the largest and best-trained exporters and distributor throughout India.

Generators Mieco offers the best aspects of India’s diesel or electric generators with the latest technologies. Whether it’s a home generator or a high-end industry generator, mieco offers the best service. We have positioned ourselves in this highly energetic field giving high priority to quality products. Commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by the chase of excellence in all kinds of aspects of high technical skills, teamwork, and communication. This helps us to prevent late delivery and provides a high degree of flexibility in customer demands. Our well-qualified professional experts, technically skilled and highly motivated engineering team have enabled us to excel consistent growth and success.

We believe that high-quality assurance means at first sight. We work closely with customers to determine their needs and ensure quality is designed in products.

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Boiler feed pumps manufacturers


Boiler feed pumps manufacturers

Multi-stage and high-speed boiler feed pumps manufacturers are the preferred type because of their ability to deliver large amounts of water and provide it at constant flow avoiding shock loads on pipes and valves.



  • Nozzle plate – Sliding resistant steel
  • Stainless steel sheets
  • Bearings-White metalled (lubricated oil)
  • Turbine Glands- Carbon
  • Turbine cover- Cast steel
  • Turbine Wheel – Stainless Steel
  • Shaft – Nickel Chrome steel
  • Wear Rings- Lead Bronze
  • Impeller-Stainless steel or monel
  • Diffuser Ring – Aluminum Bronze

The Curtis wheel boost (compound speed) rotates at speeds of around 7000 rpm. Speed compression means that there is very little pressure drop across the stages reducing the need for fine gaps. This allows the turbine to run quickly from the cold.

The balance chamber should have a larger diameter than the suction wear ring. If the pump is designed to be supercavitant, hard metal inductors are installed and screwed into the water. Any cavitation occurs in this which becomes sacrificial. Inlet steam pressure around 60 bar, outlet around 3 bar. The downward expansion at lower pressures would require excessively large envelopes and would lead to problems of centrifugal stress due to the larger blade required.

Carbon seals are used instead of labyrinths for simplicity and to keep the length of the unit to a minimum. Due to the different coefficients of expansion between carbon and steel, a madrill must be used to establish the correct set. For Boiler feed pumps manufacturers ,an additional end bearing and, therefore, an additional gland is required. The pump is dynamically balanced by the leakage of the balance chamber to the suction eye and the edges of the dam at the rear of the impeller.


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Submersible pump price in India


Submersible pump price in India

A submersible pump is a device that contains the sealed motor to be closed to the body of the submersible pump. The entire machine is immersed in the liquid intervals. Submersible pumps is specially designed and related to the economical and reliable artificial elevation methodology. The advantages of this type of pump are, it impedes the cavitation of the pump, related to a high elevation distinction between the pump and collectively the surface of the pump fluid.

Mieco supplies submersible pumps at an economic cost. This pump area unit is environmentally aesthetic, resulting exclusively from the surface of the facility management instrumentation and the cable ranging from the controller to the visible well spring area unit. Mieco India offers a decent product at the best prices!

Submersible water pumps can be a serious service pump for severe service industrial applications, wherever the area unit immerses units of the surface unit price effective possibility for lighter use applications. Under the area unit some points you come simply understand that however totally different these 2 pump motors.

Submersible Water Pumps: Submersible water pumps are often used in various industrial applications. They are too resistant, resistant to corrosion and explosion. The motor is often completely enclosed with the pump and specially designed to run incessantly in submerged water. These water units unit area tightly coupled between the pump element and the motor, designed from the frames with the machined system accuracy.

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Pump Dealers in Bangalore


Pump Dealers in Bangalore

According to the Pump Dealers in Bangalore,Water pumps are one of the most important mechanical devices with application in various industries and homes. Growing urbanization and industrialization in developing countries and the increasing use of water pumps in industries are driving the demand for water pumps in the global market. Based on end-user applications, water pumps are classified into four segments, namely the industrial water pump, the municipal water pump, the agricultural water pump and the domestic water pump.

Based on technology, the two categories of the water pump are the centrifugal water pump and the positive displacement design. Centrifugal water pumps are widely used in buildings, wells, fire protection systems and hot water circulation in industries, while positive displacement type water pumps are used in varied hydraulic systems. Positive design pumps are again divided as alternative, dosing and rotary pumps. Positive displacement design pumps are generally larger than centrifugal pumps of equal capacity.

Asia Pacific is the largest market for water pumps dealers  followed by Europe and North America. Asia Pacific has the highest growth rate in the water pump market, mainly due to the increase in development infrastructure in developing countries such as India and China. Based on the product segments, centrifugal water pumps occupy the majority of the market share and are expected to grow further at a constant rate due to the increasing demand of industries such as oil and gas and municipalities. By end-user application,industrial water pumps had the largest market share in 2013 in the water pump market. Industrial water pumps are also growing at a high rate due to increasing industrialization in Asia Pacific growing countries where the oil and gas industry are the major end users of water pumps.

The growing number of water recycling and wastewater treatment plants, especially in India and China, is fueling the water pump market in Asia Pacific. New technologies, such as the intelligent pumping system, in the water pump industry have been spreading their cost benefits to users. Apart from water circulation, water pumps find their use in various domestic applications, including water sources in the home, gardening, and water coolers.

However, there are certain factors that restrict the water pump market, which includes the growing threat of unorganized players in Asia Pacific, especially in the agricultural arena. Poor farmers in developing countries are price sensitive and prefer to buy low-priced water pumps rather than reputable brands.

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