Sewage Pumps in Bangalore


Sewage Pumps

SewagePumps are available at mieco pumps Bangalore. Sewage pumps are available in all new designs and patterns. Every industry / Establishment face a problem of effective way of pumping the waste generated each day. It may be in the form of chemicals, large quantities of water, water with solid particles or for clearing a flooded basement. These sludge pumps and sewage pumps are available in external type having semi open / open impellers and submersible type with cutter facility which is ideal for pumping of soft solids mixed with water and have found their presence in Sewerage Boards.
Sewage pumps can also be directly coupled to an engine, mounted on a trolley and so are best suited to clear flooded basements during torrential rains and where there is no electricity. We can offer them in various materials of constructions like CI, SS, CI/SS (outer casing in CI but liquid contact parts in SS) and Teflon coated. The special features of these pumps are that they have non clogging impeller to handle suspended solids, back pull out design for easy maintenance, portable and are self priming. Moreover since they can be engine driven, it ensures mobility.
for more information visit us at: Mieco pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd

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