Pumps and Generators Bangalore

mic-microbiologically-induced-corrosion-prevention-fiberglass-pipe-frp-piping Dsc04240

Miecopumps and generators provide all types of pumps and here are some suggestions for how to prevent rusting inside and outside the pumps.
  • If the rust is moderate then we can use phosphoric acid cleaner to clean it.
  • Single coat of phosphoric acid can be applied for curing some amount of surface.
  • Increasing temperature can also accelerate the process and helps to remove the rust
  • we can use ProtectaClear-AF to prevent the rust and we can also use this for recovering the damages and scratches on the pumps
  • we have to paint inside and outside surfaces of the pumps
for more details visit us at: Mieco pumps and generators pvt ltd

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