Boiler feed pumps manufacturers


Boiler feed pumps manufacturers

Multi-stage and high-speed boiler feed pumps manufacturers are the preferred type because of their ability to deliver large amounts of water and provide it at constant flow avoiding shock loads on pipes and valves.



  • Nozzle plate – Sliding resistant steel
  • Stainless steel sheets
  • Bearings-White metalled (lubricated oil)
  • Turbine Glands- Carbon
  • Turbine cover- Cast steel
  • Turbine Wheel – Stainless Steel
  • Shaft – Nickel Chrome steel
  • Wear Rings- Lead Bronze
  • Impeller-Stainless steel or monel
  • Diffuser Ring – Aluminum Bronze

The Curtis wheel boost (compound speed) rotates at speeds of around 7000 rpm. Speed compression means that there is very little pressure drop across the stages reducing the need for fine gaps. This allows the turbine to run quickly from the cold.

The balance chamber should have a larger diameter than the suction wear ring. If the pump is designed to be supercavitant, hard metal inductors are installed and screwed into the water. Any cavitation occurs in this which becomes sacrificial. Inlet steam pressure around 60 bar, outlet around 3 bar. The downward expansion at lower pressures would require excessively large envelopes and would lead to problems of centrifugal stress due to the larger blade required.

Carbon seals are used instead of labyrinths for simplicity and to keep the length of the unit to a minimum. Due to the different coefficients of expansion between carbon and steel, a madrill must be used to establish the correct set. For Boiler feed pumps manufacturers ,an additional end bearing and, therefore, an additional gland is required. The pump is dynamically balanced by the leakage of the balance chamber to the suction eye and the edges of the dam at the rear of the impeller.


For further Details about Mieco contact the below address:

Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd

#162, Sadar Patrappa[SP] Road, Bangalore- 560 002

Mobile: +91 9845324047



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