Barrel pumps Bangalore


Barrel pumps Bangalore

Mieco is the best service provider for barrel pumps in Bangalore. Mieco Barrel pumps are ideal for liquid transmission because they are more reliable, increase production and save time. Therefore, it reduces disintegration and increases safety during operation. Barrel pumps are available in a wide range of application models, eg: materials, motors, electric motors that are suitable for any head, viscosity, capacity, temperature and density. The barrel pump can conduct electricity and therefore meets the requirements for handling flammable liquids in combination with the set anti-static component. The wide range of components makes it possible to accommodate the pump to very different requirements. The barrel pump is made of stainless steel with the discharge tube. Mieco Barrel pumps are made of polypropylene and allow rapid transfer of liquids from barrels, cans and tanks. The barrel pump is also suitable for the transfer of ultra-pure liquids.

Barrel pumps are composed of the following types:

  1. Water barrel pump
  2. Barrel pump
  3. Rotary barrel pump

We are the top manufacturer and supplier in top industrial area with good services. We have a specialized team of engineers that results with the best quality products of the barrels pumps.

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