boiler feed pumps manufacturers

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Boiler feed pumps manufacturers

We are a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Boiler Feed Pumps in Bangalore, India. Boiler feed water pumps are used to clean fresh water or steam condensate in a steam boiler. The function of the boiler feed pump is the supply of water from the feed water tank to the steam drum, it supplies spray water that controls the temperature of the superheater, the superheater and the auxiliary steam. Boiler feed water pumps include high head pumps and low flow pumps. Therefore, multi-stage pumps is a common choice when you really need boiler feed pumps.

The boiler feed pumps can be designed with 2 pressure stages.

1. Booster Pump: Booster Pump is one of the best pumps and is very cheap. The   booster pump can be located on the upstream side. It is very risky to get water cavitation when the feed water tank is lost from pressure. If the feed water pump can not be located high enough above the boiler feed pump to develop a boiler feed pump above the boiler enough to develop a sufficiently high NPSH.

2. Main pump: It is very expensive and is used to inject cold water into the pump.

Boiler feed pumps control the level of the steam drum using a single element and three elements.

Single Element: A single element controls the level of the steam drum only when the reading is changed by discharging the control valve. Due to drum pressure or main steam pressure, the speed of rotation will not change. The speed of rotation of the pump maintains the discharge pressure of the pump 10 bar above the pressure of the steam drum.

Three Elements: Three elements control the level by reading the feed water flow, main steam flow and steam drum level by pump speed and is adjusted by fluid coupling. The drum pressure and main steam pressure will increase proportionally with the load only when the control unit is synchronized. This is the right time to change the control of a single element to three element controls by open main discharge and close the discharge control valve. For speed, adjust the pump flow and keep the pump discharge pressure 10 bar above the steam drum pressure.

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