Screw Pump

What is screw pump?

A screw pump is a pump that uses one or more screws to move fluids or solids along with the screw axis. In simple words, a single screw rotates in a cylindrical cavity, thereby moving the fluid or solid material along the screw’s spindle. The spindle is responsible for the pumping action of the pump.


Screw pumps are generally made from traditional low-carbon steel (mild steel) with a special epoxy coating. An appropriate coating system is selected for each specific application.

Types of screw pumps

Screw pumps are of three types:
  • Single screw pump
  • Two screw pump
  • Three screw pump

Single screw pump

A single screw pump contains a single pumping element called screw. This screw rotates within a stationary elastomeric stator.

The interference fit between the screw and the flexible stator create a unique pump design that can handle a variety of fluids, including high levels of solids and variable viscosities. A single screw pump is also known as progressive cavity pump or eccentric screw.

Two screw pump

The two screw pumps are operated using two intermeshing screws rotating within a stationary bore that is shaped like a figure eight. These pumps are also known as double screw pumps or twin screw pumps. The two screw pumps are used mainly to pump fresh water, mineral water and sea water with petroleum products admixture. These pumps are also used to pump viscous liquids and fuel oil. The rotor and housing are metal and the pumping element is supported by the bearings in this design.

Three screw pump

Like the two screw pump, the three screw pump also operates on the same principle of intermeshing screws. The three screw pump utilizes a centrally located primary screw, which intermeshes with two secondary screws to create pressure and move fluid.

The idler rotors are located 180 degrees from each other, are suspended within the pump and do not penetrate the housing. The power rotor pass into the housing and requires one seal and one bearing; there may be bushings/sleeve bearings that are exposed to the pumped fluid.

Screw pump applications

  • Fuel transfer
  • Elevators
  • Storm water pumping
  • Drainage pumping
  • To move industrial waste water

Advantages of screw pumps

  • High reliability
  • Simple and rugged design
  • The open structure and slow rotation speed makes it a heavy duty pump.
  • A typical screw pump has a lifetime of between 20-40 years.
  • A screw pump can operate even when there is no water in the inlet. So it is not necessary to install expensive measures to prevent dry running.
  • A screw pump requires very less maintenance as compared to other pumps.
  • High efficiency

Screw pumps at Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt.Ltd.

Mieco offers screw pumps in Bangalore at reasonable prices. Screw pumps can be offered with Augers / Hoppers which is widely used for viscous liquids.

Mieco has a wide range of clients from all industrial sectors including barrel pump, electric barrel pump, barrel transfer pump, electric transfer pump particularly designed and engineered to meet the needs of highly productive industries.


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