Electric Motors Dealers in Bangalore


Electric Motors have a high Motor starting ability. These motors have a longer durability even at the same time operating under hostile surroundings. The most important potential of slip ring induction motor is that motor pace can be controlled quite simply and has high establishing torque. These motors are almost always used in textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industrial purposes.

Mieco the leading Electric Motors Dealers in Bangalore present huge range of Electic Motors (EV) with vast range of functions. These are manufactured utilising trendy technological know-how and great add-on & spares. Low voltage motors are developed to deliver gradual/medium velocity with excessive torque energy transmission. Low Voltage motors comes in cast iron and Aluminium development casing. These motors are suitable for low and medium power requirements.

Electric Motors permits industrial and industrial amenities to scale down creation & maintenance charges, broaden profits and stay aggressive. Lots of the small, medium and heavy industries spend a lot of electrical energy to run electric motors. Energy effective motors are manufactured to save 2 to 6 percentage electrical power. This energy efficiencyseems to be tremendous energy and price range financial savings.

TO GET MORE INFO VISIT OUR SITE: http://www.miecoindia.in/

ANY QUERIES EMAIL US: info@miecoindia.in


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