Water Pumps in Bangalore


MIECO offers  different Water Pumps in Bangalore

Water Pump Motor
The compact, lightweight and portable pumps Mieco series are an excellent choice for homeowners, gardeners, boat owners and recreational users.

Agricultural Pumps in Bangalore
For general agricultural  watering needs, popular Mieco pumps offer the best opportunities for a good price. These models offer commercial grade components such as silicon carbide seals, vibration dampers, and a fixed-mount cast iron pump casing and impeller.

High Pressure Pumps Bangalore 
High pressure pumps requiring high pressure, such as sprinklers and nozzles. These pumps are lightweight and compact, which makes them highly portable. Possible applications include irrigation and fire fighting, as well as pumping long distances.

Chemical Processing Pumps in Bangalore
Mieco has been designed for pumping a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals besides clear water applications Construction and industrial pumps.

To buy  Water Pumps in Bangalore  visit our site: http://www.miecoindia.in/

For any query Email us: info@miecoindia.in

Contact us: +91 9845324047


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