Generators Dealers in Bangalore

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Mieco is the leading generators dealers in Bangalore. The in-line style allows the pump to be put in in an exceedingly horizontal one-pipe system wherever the suction and discharge ports square measure within the same horizontal plane and have an equivalent pipe dimensions. This style provides a a lot of compact pump style and pipe work. The pump consists of a base and a pump head. The chamber stack and also the outer sleeve square measure secured between the pump head and also the base by suggests that of keep bolts,series pumps square measure obtainable in varied sizes and varied numbers of stages to produce the flow and pressure needed. All pumps square measure equipped with a maintenance-free mechanical shaft seal of the cartridge kind.

Mieco pumps square measure designed for a range of applications from the pumping of potable water to the pumping of chemicals. The pumps square measure so appropriate for a large diversity of pumping systems wherever the performance and material of the pump meet specific demands. The Mieco pumps incorporates 2 main components: The motor and also the pump unit. The water  pump motor could be a commonplace motor designed to linear unit standards. The pump unit consists of optimised fluid mechanics, varied sorts of connections, AN outer sleeve, a pump head and varied alternative components. The  pumps square measure obtainable in varied material versions in line with the tense liquid.

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