Water Pump price in bangalore

Water Pump price in bangalore
Water Pump price in bangalore

Mieco India pumps and generators is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by, manufacturing high quality pumps and selling it at very affordable rate with global bench mark meeting customer expectations, providing timely source and excellent services to our clients through team work and continual improvement. And We are one who sells at affordable rate, water pump price in Bangalore. Mieco pumps provide the perfect sustainable, reliable and cost efficient, different solution to the current irregular water supply solution in all locations. Other pumps daily power consumption for water usage is much more, we have various water pumps which takes very less power consumption, water pumps are cost effective and it is far superior when compared to others. We shall strive to maintain high degree of goodwill and brand image to rise as a market leader in domestic as well as in international market.



  • Simple Installation
  • Cost-efficient pumping-every day
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Conventional electricity is not needed
  • Motor can operate in both DC and AC


For more details visit: Water Pump price in bangalore

 Click here: http://www.miecoindia.in/
Instant help call: +91 98453 24047/080-22239173
For any query Email at:info@miecoindia.in



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