Agricultural pumps in bangalore

Agricultural pumps in bangalore

Agricultural pumps in bangalore

As per a survey India’s backbone is Agriculture we give more importance to agriculture more than a billion people, across the world, are reportedly engaged in varied agricultural activities to earn their daily livelihood. To do agriculture activities in field we need water pumps and motors to make our work more faster Now, in order to have right amount of water supply; water pumps really come handy which assist in regulating the supply of water for the irrigational reasons. There is no doubt that a user is always in a perplexed situation to buy an agriculture pump which has high performance, reliability and longevity. This is the major problem of our farmers to solve this problem mieco pumps and generators where giving pumps and motors generators, are all at very affordable rate. 

Mieco is one of the biggest pump dealers and manufacturing company, where all types of pumps we have including Agricultural pumps also. We are the no.1 dealers and distributors of Agricultural pumps in Bangalore.These pumps help in getting water from rivers, wells, tanks and various others sources to the irrigation area.Let us first get to know more about agriculture mono-block pumps and the best brand that offers the agriculture water pumps A right agricultural water pump can only be selected if you are well-versed with the needs and requirements, the power that is actually needed and the quantity of water that needs to be drawn. Of late, we have witnessed powerful improvement in the field of technology, water pumps being one of them. Agriculture sector, in the past few years, have witnessed powerful developments and water pumps have played a pivotal role in it. We have Agriculture pumps available in varied shapes and sizes; they are built in a manner that they offer high performance and efficiency.

Agricultural pumps specification:

Operating Limits


  • Trans medium pH 6-8.5
  • Fluid temperature limit: 40oC
  • Max ambient temperature: 55oC
  • Insulation Class: B
  • Protection Class: IP44


Component Material

  • Pump body: Cast iron
  • Pump support: Cast iron
  • Motor housing: Aluminum
  • Impeller: Brass
  • Diffuser: Noryl
  • Shaft with rotor: 45# steel/ AISI416/304 SS
  • Mechanical seal: Carbon/ Ceramic
  • Bearing: NSK/ C&U

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