Hydraulic Pump Types

Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Pump are more useful in hydraulic drive systems. These pump types can be labeled positive displacement(hydro-static), fixed or variable displacement(hydrodynamic). Below are some basic types of Hydraulic Pumps.

Gear Pump: Gear Pump is most common basic type of hydraulic pump system. Widely used in chemical industries. The main variations of gear pumps are internal gear pumps and external gear pumps.

Rotary Vane Pump: These pumps consists of vanes mounted on a rotor and the rotor turns within a cavity. Vanes are either of variable length or it touch the walls when pump rotates. Rotary Vane Pumps used in automatic transmissions and power steering.
Screw Pump: Screw Pump used in irrigation for the movement of solids like grain. A Positive Displacement Pump uses one or more screws to move high quality materials along with the screw’s spidle.
Bent Axis Pump: These best efficiency pumps can consists two basic designs, Thoma principle with a 25 degree angle and Wahlmark principle with a 40 degree maximum distance between the pistons and drive-shaft.

Axial Piston Pump: These type of reliable pumps can be used as hydraulic motors, stand alone pumps or as air conditioner compressors.

Radial Piston Pump: These pumps can be more useful in different applications including in wind energy, injection molding, test rigs and while making of machine tools. The piston on a radial pump system that extend uniformly around the drive shaft.
Note: While purchasing Hydraulic Pumps, customers need to specify whether you need to use an open system pump or an closed system pump.

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