Types of Trash Pumps

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Trash Pump are widely used in pump waste water. These are basically used to pump basement bathroom waste up to a higher level for disposal. The waste water can contain both soft and hard solids. In that, there are trash pumps has basic four types. Below is the detail explanation about types of trash pumps.
1. Syringe Pump:  This type of trash pumps are widely used to remove exact amounts of fluids at exact timed intervals. It automatically remove fluids when infusion pumps process fluids at high speed.
2. Sanitary Pump: This type of pumps used by breweries, distilleries and food processors and for other applications to help in the processing foods and other materials that require a high level of sanitation.
3. Positive Displacement Pump: The main task of these pumps is, liquids are moved about through mechanical force. These pumps are most often through the use of gear pumps, pistons and diaphragms. For these pumps power can be provided through water, hydraulics or from solar panels.
4. Progressive Cavity Pumps: These are used for the moving of fluids and slurring with solid in suspension. Fluids are widely moved into storage tanks using trash pumps or it can be pumped through a pipeline. These pumps are easy to clean and maintain.
Tips to maintain pumps: Don’t forget to clean trash pumps regularly. These pumps used to move liquids that can be in the form of ample amount of foods and other solids which can be stuck in a pump.

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