Do you know when Centrifugal Pump can be used?


Centrifugal Pumps can be used on below applications:

  • Buildings: Transfer a water in such a place where no suction lift is required including pneumatic systems.
  • Boost Application: Boost your application from the intake line.
  • Wells: Water can be supplied in domestic water supply systems.
  • Hot Water Circulation: This requires a low head to move water in a closed system.
  • Fire Protection System: These water pumps should be in compliance with NFPA to provide continuous pressure source.
  • Sump Pits:Units are operated by an automatic switch controlled by the float, either in vertical or horizontal pumps.

Pump Maintenance:

  • To save your money and time, pump users should make sure to conduct proper maintenance.
  • When developing a maintenance lineup, make sure to the element in time to review the pump for its condition.
  • To conduct protection maintenance, eliminate all the problems before they become trouble some one.

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