Applications of Centrifugal Pumps in Bangalore

Centrifugal Pumps in Bangalore
In commercial or industrial area, the amount of liquid transferred or circulated in the all the states. From industrial custom fabricators, water treatment facilities, chemical processing plants, to farm operations, the need of liquid is moves as a daily occurrence.  We not only need pumps for daily uses and we also use specialty pumps for emergency purposes such as chemical wash down and fire-fighting. Most of the industries required to have a storage tank, water reservoir or municipal hydrant from which to pump water in case of a fire or spill. Now a days hundred’s pf different pumps are coming in a market in that you have purchase the right pump for right applications.
Components of  Centrifugal Pumps: Centrifugal Pumps includes four key  components. Each one component plays a different operation, this to be considered while purchasing pumps for your application.
1. Water Pump Motor: Water Pump MotorThe water pump motor is the power source for the pump and usually water pump motor determining factor in the gallons per minute(GPM) that a pump can move.  The larger horse power usually correlates to a larger GPM. The most common water pump designs are open drip proof and totally enclosed fan cooled type. Totally enclosed fan cooled motors do not permit outside air freely to circulate through the interior of the and it is cooled by an external fan blowing outside air over the frame of the motor. The design of motor is more expensive and it is widely used in industrial settings because it gives more protection against dirt, weather and moisture.
Water Pump Impeller2. Water Pump Impeller: The style and construction of impeller determines the solid handling capabilities and durability of the water pumps. Water Pump Impeller comes in three designs open impeller, semi-open impeller and closed impeller.
  • Open Impeller are found in water pumps that can handle larger solid material but it operate at lower pressures.
  • Closed Impeller are more efficient and specially designed for clear liquids and higher pressure applications.
Water Pump Volute
3. Water Pump Volute: The volute water pump is directly contact with the fluid that is being pumped, so the material that is volute is made out of the needs to be considered. These water pumps are constructed with stainless steel or bronze hold up well to corrosive liquids and chemicals. 
Water Pump Mechanical Seal
4. Water Pump Mechanical Seal: The mechanical seal is a barrier between the pump and the electric motor. When the seal breaks down, you have leakage of fluids into the motor which can totally decease the life of the pump. These pumps are specially designed with the help vi-ton. Vi-ton is very common seal used in industrial grade pumps. 

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