Process Pumps in Bangalore

Process Pumps in Bangalore
MiecoIndia is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of different types of pumps and generators in Bangalore. Pumps and Generators are available in different sizes including vacuum generators, portable generators, hydraulic gear pump , boiler feed pumps and so on. These pumps and generators are manufactured with construction material like Teflon,PP, UHMWPE, SS etc, FRP Coating if required.

Hydraulic Gear Pumps
Hydraulic Gear Pumps are very essential for pumping of viscous liquids (upto 1,00,000 SSU) with pressure. These pumps are available in SS and CI material of construction with or without flange ends. These Gear Pumps can be used for pumping of liquids with high temperature and provided with steam jacketing arrangement. The most common type of pump is hydraulic fluid power applications, this can be used only when liquids are having inherent lubricating property.

Chemical Processing Pumps
We offers qualitative assortment of chemical pumps and food processing pumps in various materials  of constructions like Teflon, SS, PP, UHMWPE etc with FRP coating if required. Chemical Pumps can handle aggressive media applications including slurries. We can also offer pumps having high temperature and Vertical Chemical Pumps can be offered that can be used in various battery manufacturing industries.

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