Types of Portable Generators

Choosing the right generators for your business depends on two major key factors:
1. Type of project you are working on
2. Types of tools you need to power
For large-scale projects, you need a generators with enough grunt to power large, conductive loads such as air compressors, brick saws, pumps, welders and bench saws as well as small hand held power tools. When you working on a construction site, there is no power yet, your generator will also need a power essential appliances tools and lights.

Three types of Portable Generators:

1. Portable Trade Generators:

Portable Trade Generators

Portable Trade Generators are designed to move around the construction site. This will provide enough for most of the power tools. A medium sized portable generators with an output of 3 to 4 kVA should be more sufficient for for small to medium sized generators tools such as sanders, hand drills and other small power tools. Larger equipment’s includes water pumps, pressure washers and air compressors.

Features, trolley features so it’s easy to roll the generators into position without the need for lifting.

Towable Generators

Towable Generators: Towable Generators gives enough power for larger equipment’s on a property development or construction site. These generators provide  a power output of more than 10kVA. Heavy duty generators are designed to be hauled or towed behind your van or truck. These larger generators includes long range fuel tanks for uninterrupted use, for different connections multiple outlets and earth leakage protection for increased safety around the site.

3. Standby Generators:
Standby GeneratorsThese generators are designed to provide a site with power in the event of an outage- this is a common occurrence during a construction project, because these are built a power to entire building. Standby Generators are available with outputs starting from 7kVA. Features, remote starting, sound-reduced enclosure and enhanced safety features.


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