What is irrigation and how water pumps are useful in irrigation?

agricultural pumps in bangalore
Irrigation: Irrigation means about providing water to plant roots with th goal to reach high growth rate of agricultural crops. Through fertilizers and chemicals can be additional to an irrigation system. It is quite difficult to irrigate the entire field without water pumps.

At MiecoIndia, you will get all types of agricultural pumps in bangalore and water pumps for irrigation. For a successful irrigation/agriculture – you need to consult the best waterpump dealers in bangalore, as because agriculture depends on the sufficient supplying of water to your fields. In earlier days, the people predicted as that water is an infinite source and it will never finished. But you need to manage the water carefully since we need water to drink and other purposes as well.

Solar Water Pumps:

Each and every solar array has number of solar modules connected in series or parallel. Each solar PV panel convert the solar radiation to electrical energy and generates current.

The electrical energy will be controlled, tuned and directed by the inbuilt controller in DC motor pumps or through the variable frequency driver (VFD) and enables the water pumps and feed to the delivery pipelines.

Water can be drawn from ponds, rivers, borewells or from other sources by the help of solar water pumps in bangalore is pumped to supply water as much as required. It can be stored in tanks where it is channeled to fields to supply from pumps with drip irrigation system to provide water directly to the fields.


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