How powerful should a motor be?

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In previous article we discussed about the agricultural pumps andits features, This article gives a complete details on below questions, these questions are very important when you are purchasing Pumps and Generators.

  • What is the type of pump and generators you should select?
  • How powerful should a motor be ?
  • What are the features that a pump should possess?
These types of questions are very common, now let us discuss the types of irrigation pumps, their advantages and things that needs to be considered.
  • Submersible Pumps.
  • Propeller Pumps.
  • Turbine/Jet Pumps.
  • Surface Centrifugal Pumps.
Submersible Pumps : This type of pumps comes with enclosed impellers that helps in increasing the overall efficiency. You don’t have to go through the hassle of priming the pump. The pump also gets easily installed. This can be right choice for booster applications. This can be powered and charged only by electricity.
Propeller Pumps: These Pumps are so simple and you don’t have to face any perplexed situation. It does not have to be primed. These all pumps comes in a compact shape which helps in easy flexibility and easy installation. Make sure that you are aware that are not capable of generating suction in order to lift the water. One of the key benefit and that can be used in different applications. It provides low energy output.
Turbine/Jet Pumps: While functioning there is no noise of this type. This type also doesn’t need to be primed. These are made in a manner and used in the wells. It is a right choice for those regions where depth of the water keep on varying. These are less costly and this type needs impeller adjustments in onj regular intervals time in order to maintain utmost efficiency.
Surface Centrifugal Pumps : This is the best choice and it is also a cost-effective. Easy installation, one of the major key element is, it enjoys constant flow rate. It’s doesn’t need to primed. It can be installed as close to the source of water.
So, if you planning to buy agricultural pumps then make sure that those pumps are suitable for all above discussed information.


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