Detail information about Process Pumps

process pumps in bangalore, india
Do you know anything about Process Pumps, If not please follow this blog to get more information. The technology of automatic, advanced process pumps has made many mundane tasks much easier. Pumping liquid system is universal in chemical and petrochemical processes. A wide variety of pumps and generators has been designed to meet various kinds of service such as, centrifugal pumps, high pressure pumps,multistage boiler feed pumps, electric dosing pumps and so on.

Process Pumps is an extensive and multi usage category of pumps, used to move fluid in an different industrialized process applications. These process pumps can be heavy duty positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. As these pumps are in such a way that wide category of construction details and pumps type can be vary widely. Some of the centrifugal pumps can be designed to move fluids that may be corrosive, volatile and abrasive in nature. The other type of Process Pump is positive displacement pumps are generally used to move fluids containing fluids viscous and fragile solids in nature.

Two types of Process Pumps:

API Process Pumps:API Process PumpsThese are a Centrifugal Pumps used in hydrocarbon services in pipelines, refineries and hydrocarbon processing plants. API Process Pumps are designed as per API 610 standards. This pump covers a number of centrifugal pump types like multi stage pumps, end suction pumps, horizontal split case pumps, vertical turbine pumps and more. These pumps are basically handle high temperature and high pressure hydrocarbons.

ANSI Process PumpsANSI Process Pumps: These pumps are single stage end suction centrifugal pump. ANSI Process Pumps are designed as per ANSI B73.1 standards. Depending on the applications these are made of wide range of raw material. Used in many chemical industries, paper mills, refineries and other plant environments. These pumps not only support chemical process application and it also used for water and less aggressive services.

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