Tips for Centrifugal Pumps

Tips for Centrifugal Pumps
Probably the most important decision pump user can make, in order to obtain the lowest pump system life cycle cost. The best way to make this decision pump is to conduct a detailed cost efficiency analysis of the most promising control methods, starting with the pump based head capacity curve interactions and followed by the expected operating flow control requirements, the initial cost of the drives and associated products and finally calculating the ROI for each of the control methods.

1. Pressure and Control Flow relationship of a pump: When the flow increases, discharge pressure of the pump level will decreases and when flow decreases the discharge pressure will increases.

2. Use High Pressure Gauges: Make sure that your pump has a high pressure gauge on the discharge side close to the outlet of the pump, this will help you to diagnose pump system problems. It is also useful to have a pressure gauge on the suction side, but the difference is in pressure proportional to the total head. The reading of the pressure gauge will have to be elevated and corrected from the reference plane for total head calculation suction flange of the pump.

3. Avoid running pump in reverse direction: This helps to the pump shafts have been broken in the way especially, when if the pump is started while running in reverse direction. This the simplest solution, install a check valve on the discharge line.

The most common centrifugal pump control methods are:

• Multiple Speed Motors (2, 3 or 4 Speed)
• Parallel Operation of Multiple Pumps
• By-Pass Valve Operation
• Stop-Start/Float Level control Operation
• Hybrid Control (VFD + By-Pass)
• Control Valve Operation
• Variable Speed Operation

More information and advice on Centrifugal Pumps click here


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