Power Supplies, Energy Efficiency and Emergency Generators

There are two basic methods of connecting an emergency power generators.
  • Via pre-wired transfer switch
  • Via extension cords
The transfer switch method can be used for both stationary as well as portable generators. Portable generators can be connected through manual transfer switch. The stationary home systems normally use an automatics transfer switch. It automatically insulate your house from grid and stars up the generator when it detects the power outage.

The transfer switch and wiring both required a licensed electrician and obviously more time consumption. If you caught off-guard by a blackout, then you can use portable genset with extension cords. Today, more than 3 million people in mid-atlatic are still without power after sudden storm, this storm gave impact of a hurricane without any warning. Extension cards can be used only for cord and plug appliances. Portable Generator will be connected with lights and hard-wired appliances not a simple. There are some methods of connecting hard-wired devices, but may require a professional help.

Here two things to remember:

  • Whenever you run generator, it must be insulated from the utility lines.
  • The generators can run on only putdoors with exhaust pipe which is located away from house.

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