How can I choose pumps and generators ?

There are so many pumps and generators manufacturers and suppliers to choose from? How do I fix my mind to choose best pumps and generators at affordable prices.Mieco India is one of the best manufacturing and supplying company of pumps and generators in Bangalore. We assist you to choose the best pumps and generators for all your requirements and needs.

Buy pumps and generators in confidence that all our products are high quality and long durable. Selecting generators and pumps are endless, so before you can choose a pumps and generators we wish to consider the following:
1. What  size of pump and generator do I require?
All electronics and electrical products have a data plate information regarding their power usage. For most power tools and their listed wattage is all the power they require to run . All house hold items includes central heating pumps, TV’s, lights and Video recorders etc are comes under in the same category.

If you are unsure about power usage of a product has it is always advisable to contact the relevant manufacturers, suppliers and technical department, requesting the start up wattage and running wattage of your item. With this information you can able to determine accurately the size of pumps and generators you require.

2. Do I require a pumps and generatos that has a long run fuel tank?
Pumps and Generators that are available in either run or long run versions. A standard tank will last for 2-4 hours, but long run generators can run through out the night. If you are looking to purchase a pumps and generators back up then we will recommend a long run tank machine for all your needs.

3. What type of sockets do generators can use?
In India, Generators can use white 230V 15A Schuko sockets for long usage.

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