Vacuum Pumps and Generators in Bangalore

Mieco India is a manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Vacuum Pumps and Generators in Bangalore. Our range of vacuum pumps and generators are high quality, more reliable and more efficient. Mieco is a advanced technology solutions for creating vacuum pumps and generators with air free compressors. Based upon multistage technologies, vacuum pumps are designed and these are more reliable than conventional vacuum ejectors, which is allow for the designing of a flexible, efficient and modular vacuum system. Vacuum system can provide you with 3-times more than vacuum flow, when you compare that with a conventional systems, this allows you to increase speed with high reliability and it reduces energy consumption.

Applications of Vacuum Pumps and Generators:

Inline Vacuum Generators: The Inline Vacuum Generators are especially designed and used in electronic or semiconductor device applications. These are injection-molding automation, dedicated to packaging equipments and loading or unloading metal forming machines.

Extra Safety: These units combined with high security and energy-efficient solutions for sealed material with automatic air saving function. We check valve which traps vacuum in sealed applications and virtually integrated energy saving device does not consumes energy.

Chemical Resistant: These pumps and generators are mieco range of traditional vacuum pumps, these are designed and developed within in chemical industry or chemically aggressive environments.

Pump Accessories: We at Mieco India enhaces the different group of products including boiler feed pumps, metering and dosing pumps, high pressure pumps, sewage pumps and so on to improve our customer requirements and needs.

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Contact: +91 98453 24047


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