How Electric Motors Works

Electric Motors is a component or device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric Motors can be mainly classified into 3 types.

1. DC Motor
2. Induction Motor
3. Synchronous Motor

All of these above motors works in a more or less in the same principle. Working of electric motors is mainly depends upon interaction of magnetic field with current. Now we will discuss the basic functions of electric motor for better understanding about the electric motors.

Working of DC Motor:

This article is all about DC Motors. Working priciple of DC Motors depends upon fleming left hand rule. Basically DC Motors is an armature and it is placed between magnetic poles. If the armature is supplied by an external dc source, then current starts flowing through the armature conductors. When conductor carries current inside a magnetic field, they we experience a force which tends to rotate the armature.

Suppose if armature conductors is in N-poles of the field magnet, then carrying current in downward(crosses) position and those are in S-poles are carrying current in upward(dots) position.By applying Fleming’s Left hand Rule, the direction of the force F experienced by the conductor in the poles N and conductor poles S can be determined.

In next article Induction Motor and Synchronous Motor information can be update. So visit daily blogs updates to know more…!!!!

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