Electric Motors Manufacturers in Bangalore, India

As a leading horizontal pumps manufacturers, vertical pumps manufacturers, boiler feed pumps manufacturers and electric motors manufacturers in Bangalore, India. We ensures that each and every pumps that is dispatched to the high quality policy norms. Our Pumps are set to the highest industry ANSI standard pumps. Some of the applications of vertical pumps: Pharma and APIs. The applications of horizontal pumps can be found in many refineries, mills and industries. These pumps are varied and Mieco pumps manufacturers of vertical pumps and horizontal pumps in many sizes and various specifications.

Mieco is one of the leading Electric Motors Manufacturers in Bangalore, India having ISO-9001 Certification. We have experience of over more than 30 years in designing, developing and manufacturing electric motors. Mieco India pumps and generators pvt ltd caters the need of sewage pumps, boiler feed pumps, metering and dosing pumps and wide range applications and general standard applications.

For more information on pumps and generators, please click here!
Contact Us: 080-22239173/ +91-98453 24047


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