New Generation of Process Pumps Bangalore


Welcome to Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd….!!!!

We are a manufacturer and supplier of Process Pumps in Bangalore, India.

New global commercial and industrial standards are emerging to describe the requirements and needs for heavy duty centrifugal pumps as to be used in cleaning machines and process plants around the world. Being a more dedicative and global pump company and using the manufacturing and designing techniques, Mieco Pumpsare able to release the new generation of process pumps Bangalore.
Process Pumps can be used in refineries and chemical plants consistently to handle hazardous fluids that are toxic, flammable and corrosive at high pressure pumps and extremes of temperature. We are subjected to continual operation in any aggressive conditions. Our range of pumps and generator s business maintains the industry standard and specifications that describes the customer requirements and needs for any pumps and generator used in any environments.
Expectations or needs will allow the consistent specifications and supply of pumps and generator s equipment wherever in the world. Process Pumps includes the mechanical seal technology and that can be used in gas processing, coal processing, refinery and offshore services. Process Pumps can be designed in single stage, horizontal, radial-split and centerline mounted. Process OHM Pumps are driven through magnetic coupling, thus it eliminates the need for a mechanical seal and the associated maintenance.

For More Details Visit To The Mieco Pumps and Generators Pvt Ltd Or Contact +91- 98453 24047


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