Peristaltic Pumps in Bangalore


MiecoIndia is a supplier of high performance Peristaltic Pumps in Bangalore, India. Our range of products are manufactured to offer high quality products, high performance and control of liquids.
Peristaltic Pumps: Cost effiective Peristaltic pumps manufactured with highest quality standards to offer reliable , cost effective, chemical processing and metering solutions for many industrial and commercial applications. Generally, pumps can be fitted either in a single phase or three phase electric motors.
These Pumps are in the form of positive displacement metering pumps and peristaltic pump that can be used for pumping a wide range of liquids. These pumps are developed to offer a simple, cost effective and reliable pumping solutions for use in many process and industrial applications. Peristaltic Pumps are manufactured with highest quality standards and it is ideal for simple periodic chemical dosing applications where pressure is not required. These pumps are simple to use, easy to maintain, easy to control and these type of pumps are very versatile and reliable.
Contact Us: +91 98450 24801

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