Peristaltic Pump Suppliers in Bangalore

MiecoIndia is a renowned Peristaltic Pump Suppliers in Bangalore, India. We are a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, exporter and trader for wide range of Industrial Pumps, Industrial generators and Industrial flow meters. Our offered proucts includes array comprises ofMetering and Dosing pumps, Peristaltic Pumps and High Pressure Pumps. These pumps and generators extensively used in construction, agriculture, thermal power, engineering, automative and other related industries. These products are known for the various features like high operational efficiency, durability, robust construction, low maintenance, reliability and chemical resistance.

As per our customer requirements and needs, all our products available in different sizes and specifications.

How do Peristaltic Pumps works:

1. The Peristaltic Pumps is based on efficient compression and relaxation of the hose or tube drawing the contents into the tube or hose and it can operate in the same way to our throat and intestines.

2. A rotating shoe ar roller totally compressing it, along with the ,length of the hose or tube. It creates a seal between suction and discharge side of the pump and eliminating product slip.

3. Upon indemnity of the hose or tube a strong vacuum is make a drawing product into the pump.

4. With any moving parts , the medium to be pumped does not come into the contact. It is totally contained within a robust, precision extruded tube or heavy duty hose.

5. This type of pumping action makes the pump more suitable for accurate dosing applications and it has a pressure rating range upto 16 bar(hose) and 2 bar(tube).

6. The high pressure pump hose has a inner layer of 2-6 reinforcement layers and an outer layer, which allows more higher working pressures and generate high suction lifts than non re-enforced tubing.

To know more about Peristaltic Pumps Please visit to the below link.

Phone: +91 98453 24047


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