Best Pumps and Generator Services in Bangalore

Mieco is the Best Pumps and Generator Services in Bangalore

For borewells, which types of pumps are suitable?

Normally compressor, jet and submersible pumps are widely used for domestic purposes in Bangalore, India. Compressor pumps are easy to install and maintain as because they are installed at ground level. These are suitable for low yielding borewells. These are noisy and also requires frequent repairs.

Jet pumps are installed above the ground level or near the borewell which are suitable for upto 150 feet depths. Submersible or compressor pumps are used if the ground level is at lower depths.

Submersible pumps, these work in a single phase electricity connection. Most of them will prefer these pumps for domestic borewells. These pumps are installed if there is need of higher water requirements. These pumps are prone to less number of repairs.

Want to know the perfect type and capacity of pump for borewell?

The capacity of pump will be depends on the depth of the borewell. Based on the depth of borewell, the pump is to be installed is decided. Normally 10-25 feet above the total depth of pumps.

The total head will be determined using the depth of pump, over tank level and friction loss expected in the suction and delivery pipes. Based on the pump rating curves for each and every models of pump manufactured by various companies. You are right place where you can get the best pumps and generator services in Bangalore, India.

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