Pumps and Generators Dealers

Are you looking for Water Pumps and Generators Dealers? If you need a water pump to remove unwanted flood water, clean ponds or stop water getting into building foundations, Mieco is the best choice for choosing pumps and generators. We feature a huge range of chemical, Sewage, Process, Electric and DC Motors. Whenever and Wherever you need a extra pumps and generators to keep you going. We offers wide variety of applications that helps you lot in your future life.


All of our portable generators have outputs ranging from 2,900 to 13,000 watts. To get more uptime, reduce maintenance and experience Mieco is the service provider in India. So power up with low emissions and durability. We have varieties of Generators that includes

  • Industrial Generators
  • Commercial Generators
  • Inverter Generators   

MiecoIndia offers a long-lasting pumps that fits all the needs. Our products includes centrifugal, semi-trash, high-pressure and diaphragm pumps. All models are construction-grade and come equipped with Mieco industry leading industrial engines. We have varieties of pumps that includes:


Mieco India offers Small that Engines suits your needs. But that’s just the beginning. We lead our industry in innovation and durability and we back up such kind of engines with an industry-first two-year warranty. Engines runs great for long. And we have a model equipments to fit your needs. We have varieties of engines that includes:

  • EA Series Vertical Shaft Overhead Cam
  • EX Series Overhead Cam
  • SP Series Overhead Cam
  • EH Series Overhead Cam
  • Rammer Engines


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