Magnetic Driven Pumps Bangalore

magnetic driven pumps bangalore


Mieco is the best Magnetic Driven Pumps in Bangalore. Magnetic drive pumps eliminate the mechanical shaft seal that conventional pumps require, and they are completely leak-proof. Magnetic driven pumps are used in industrial, agricultural, municipal and other markets that needed the transfer of clean, low viscous fluids with no solids content. They are best for industrial, agricultural, or municipal applications that require the pumping of clean, low viscous fluids. Magnetic driven pumps are an excellent choice for transmitting acids or other liquids which cannot be allowed to leak to the environment, and where a mechanical seal would be costly to buy and expensive to maintain. They are commonly found in chemical plants, and in chemical supply in other types of plants such as pulp mills, power plants, water and waste water treatment plants, and other services where acids or other problematic liquids must be pumped. Magnetic driven pumps are driven by the force of magnetism comparatively than being directly coupled to a motor like traditional centrifugal pump types. One key benefit to magnetic driven pumps is that they eliminate the mechanical shaft seal. Magnetic drive pumps are also completely leak-proof.

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