Gear Pumps Oil Pumps in Bangalore

gear pumps oil pumps in bangalore


Mieco is the leading Gear Pumps Oil Pumps in Bangalore. Gear pump is a rotary positive displacement pump with positive pressure characteristic. The capacity of the pump ranges directly with speed but remain constant against pressure, however due to running authorization between the casing & impeller some liquid always by-passes to suction causing sleep, which depends upon the differential strength, viscosity of the liquid & of course the workman-ship.

Mieco pumps are widely used in the industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paint, construction and many more. The pumps are capable of handling any viscosity the sleep lower with viscosity but the viscous power increases.  The mechanical losses is the power necessary to conquer friction drag of all the moving part within the pump.  we provide end to end integration of systems and components. Quality work is our strength.

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